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JP Fanton of is all about spreading the “good word.” And by good word I’m of course referring to the good word of natural health. 

He covers a broad range of natural health topics in great depth… And one of things that truly resonated with me was how easily digestible all of his information is.

I first reached out to JP a few months back after only a couple of minutes on his site, because it was blatantly obvious he was the “real deal.” I just had to pick his brain about what makes people truly healthy and what’s been making so many ill!

Jp’s a natural health consultant, researcher and writer who’s been involved in the natural health community and the film business for over 20 years.

Strange combination, I know, but this is precisely how he’s able to keep things so interesting. Jp’s goal is to pass along straightforward, evidence-based natural health information for personal use, to share with your loved-ones and, ideally, pass along to your doctors and/or patients.

By doing this, he’s doing his part to improve the quality of modern health care and promote individual wellness.

I enjoy reading JP’s blog because he covers topics ranging from prolotherapy for pain relief to delicious and healthy peanut butter brownie recipesAnd everything healthy between.

I remember first learning of his work when I came across an interesting article called Cancer, Candy and Willpower – this eventually led me to this great article on medicinal food seasonings.

One of the most important insights I’ve received from speaking with JP is the difference maker between healthy and unhealthy, which is mindset.

DNA is not destiny.

Environment is ever changing.

Money comes and goes.

“We’re the only ones who the have the ability to overcome any given predisposition, whether a personality trait or physiological in nature. But, if we convince ourselves otherwise, positive change is much less likely to happen.”

Please note that this isn’t intended to make anyone feel bad about their feelings or previous actions. Rather, it’s an opportunity to change right now or whenever you’re ready to do so. 

JP Fanton Healthy FellowQuick Fire Questions

Book You’re Currently Reading?  

The Calorie Myth: How to Eat More, Exercise Less, Lose Weight, and Live Better by Jonathan Bailor –

A book which postulates that weight management is regulated by much more than the antiquated “calories in, calories out” paradigm. 

Best Health Purchase?

A high-powered blender that liquifies everything – peels, seeds, stalks, etc. It allows me to drink large amounts of green leafy vegetables and low-glycemic fruits without forgoing the fiber that’s lost by juicing.

Favorite Health Resource?  

A little known resource that I find invaluable is a technique known as “tapping“. It’s a mind-body approach that incorporates elements of acupressure and psychology to address both physical (indigestion, insomnia, pain, etc.) and/or psychological symptoms (addictions, depression, PTSD, etc.).

It’s easy to learn, free and the results are often immediate and significant.

Biggest Inspiration?

This is like a parent having to select a favorite child. Having said that, Dr. Leo Galland ranks right up there.

Favorite Health Website?

It’s a little known gem: The weekly newsletter compiled by Ben Hess is consistently useful for anyone interested in matters pertaining to healthy diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

How I Started

I’ve been involved in the natural health movement for over 20 years. I’ve been working as a consultant, in one capacity or another, for that period of time.

Along the way, I took a detour of a few years into the entertainment industry – casting for HBO and as a screenwriter. For me, the primary appeal has always been to help people improve the quality of their lives.

On average, I consult, research and write for 40 – 50 hours a week.

Simply put, I empower manufacturers, organizations, physicians and patients to use evidence-based, integrative medicine in practical ways. I believe incorporating such strategies in a responsible way can revolutionize the world – one body, mind and spirit at a time.

I passionately believe that my participation in the natural health community improves the quality of care and information that consumers receive and that manufacturers and providers dispense. The Internet is a tremendous resource for staying current on breaking research and emerging trends.

I also learn a great deal via feedback from clients, colleagues, family and friends.

 Best Thing I Did For My Health

Adopting a low-carbohydrate, whole-food based diet was a major turning point in my recent life. It allowed me to lose a lot of unwanted weight (about 90 lbs) and helped direct the latest chapter in my life as a consultant, researcher and writer. 

The most important daily habit I follow to ensure optimum health would have to be meditation. It affects just about every aspect of my life. And, it provides a restorative mini-vacation whenever I feel the need.

A massage, talk therapy or travel isn’t always affordable or possible. Meditation is available to just about everyone. 

A Day In The Healthy Life

I usually wake around 8:00 AM. I am not an early bird! I start by doing my positive affirmations.

Often, I’ll brew a strong cup of organic white tea and then hop online to see what needs to be addressed first. Once I have a basic outline for the day, I meditate.

The timing of exercise is largely dependent on what I need to do for clients, family and so on. On days when I don’t perform structured exercise, I usually stay active in other ways such as taking the stairs and walking to the market and carrying back as many groceries as I can!

As far as diet and supplements go, I take most of my dietary supplements with breakfast and dinner. In addition, I often incorporate elements of alternate day fasting into my routine. 

The Day I Realized There Was A Healthier WayJP Fanton Interview

This realization is on-going. For instance, five years ago I discovered I could lose weight enjoyably and healthfully by adopting a low-carb, whole food diet. As recently as a few months ago, I was reminded that there are still lessons to be learned.

I experienced a severe bout of dermatitis during a particularly stressful period in my life. Now, after using several natural remedies, I’m completely well once again.

And, what’s more, each of these challenges allowed me to grow as a consultant and person so that I might help others in similar circumstances. These are profound gifts that are encased in painful wrapping paper.

I am grateful for them all.

I Could Have Become Super Healthy Sooner If…

A wonderful way to learn more quickly and to retain what you’ve learned is to practice mindfulness. I don’t regret anything, as it’s an indication of living in the the psychological past. But, I strive to be more present in my daily life.

What YOU Should Be Focusing On

I think this is where the term “holistic” really serves a purpose. It’s important to thoughtfully examine your life as a whole. Take some time to evaluate your current state of wellness.

If you’re honest, what needs improvement the most? Then look to the many pathways that affect health and quality of life: diet, exercise, interpersonal relationships, psychological and spiritual matters and so on.

But, this needs to be done on an individual basis. For one person, adopting a gluten-free diet can be a big part of the answer. Others may need to embark on a journey of forgiveness.

Solutions can range from acupuncture to volunteering to help others. In my experience, having the input of a good health coach/consultant can assist with identifying the pertinent issues while helping to find solutions. 

My #1 Health Tip

Always remember that any positive change you make in your own life is an example to others. You are a mentor whether you like it or not. Or as Mahatma Gandhi once pointed out, “My life is my message”. Therefore, any steps you take to improve your well-being is a gift not only to you, but also to all those around you.

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