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10 Famous Entrepreneurs That Meditate

The meaning of meditation is explained in different ways and in various contexts, according to individual perspectives. The most accepted understanding of meditation is that it produces a state of extreme, deep peace that transpires when the is calm and still, but entirely alert.

Meditation has been practiced since antiquity across many cultures and traditions and is becoming increasingly popular and appreciated. The many benefits associated with meditation have been studied carefully among the scientific community.

It has been found that meditation can engender improvement in the quality of life in many areas, particularly in mental health and well-being.Benefits in stress reduction and memory enhancement, as well as physical relaxation and psychological balance, are all attributed to meditation.

Entrepreneurs and Meditation

We know that entrepreneurs are by definition, managers and risk takers, working in the fast-paced business world of financial deals, critical decisions, and competition.

To be successful in this type of environment, and deal with the constant day to day pressures, it is not surprising that many entrepreneurs have turned to meditation.

A growing number of highly successful executives have discovered that practicing meditation helps them keep on top of their busy lifestyles, and allows them to experience some balance and tranquility, away from the frantic atmosphere of their industry.

Here Are 10 Famous Entrepreneurs That Meditate:

tupperware-Rick-GoingsRick Goings – CEO Tupperware

Goings uses meditation daily as a means of refocusing, and tries to spend twenty minutes practicing every afternoon. The benefits he observes are that it helps alleviate stress, and allows him to refocus and concentrate better on the important tasks.

He attributes meditation with enhancing his performance and allowing him the capacity to deal with the daily demands of his role as leader of a global company.


marc-benioffMarc Benioff – CEO of

Benioff previously worked as an executive at Oracle and says that the stress of that job turned him to meditation, and he has continued practicing it for over ten years. Now at the helm of cloud computing company, he enjoys the “clear head” that meditation provides.



Ray DalioRay Dalio –CEO and founder of Bridgewater Associates

An advocate of transcendental meditation, Dalio, heading up the largest global hedge fund, has made it a large part of the culture of his organization. The billionaire believes that meditation has attributed to every success he has had in life, by giving him peace, health, creativity and centeredness.

Originally inspired by the Beatles, Dalio has stated that his meditating is very practical, and not mysterious, or exotic in any way, and just makes life go better.

russell simmonsRussell Simmons – Co Founder of Def Jam Records

Simmons has also practiced transcendental meditation for many years. The hip hop tycoon states on his site,, that meditation in the morning leads to a productive day.

He also demonstrates his techniques – sit, relax and repeat a mantra, in a video on the site. Meditation allows him to access his inner strength and stillness and connects him to his universe.

Andrew Cherng Pada ExpressAndrew Cherng – Founder of Panda Express

Cherng has a passionate belief in the benefits of meditation. He promotes it in his business culture and encourages employees to participate.

It is said that on one occasion, he stopped a business meeting to support a stressed out store manager, and encouraged him to meditate on the spot.


Robert StillerRobert Stiller – Founder Green Mountain Coffee Roaster

Recently retired, Stiller believed that meditation helped in focusing and completing tasks, and make him more efficient in meetings. He initiated the routine of bringing instructors into his company, who led the staff in meditation sessions.



Nancy SlomowitzNancy Slomowitz – CEO Executive Management Associates

Slomowitz is so impressed with the benefits associated with meditation that she has made a film, “The Meditation Makeover: Beads and Incense Not Required”. It documents the dramatic change in the quality of life and health of her employees after she introduced a Transcendental Meditation benefits package.

The most apparent changes in the company were noted in the reduced stress, renewed energy, and increased productivity.

CEO Harpo Productions Oprah WinfreyOprah Winfrey – CEO Harpo Productions Inc

Winfrey is a forthright advocate of transcendental meditation and meditates twice daily. She has also made it part of the philosophy of her business, and has brought teachers of the practice into the organization, for any employees who wish to learn the techniques.

She believes that the “stillness” that is induced through meditation allows her to cope with the daily craziness of her world and lets her generate her best work.


Padmasree WarriorPadmasree Warrior – CTO Cisco Systems

As head of engineering with the company, Warrior was in charge of over twenty thousand employees. She meditates nightly, and at weekends to help her in “detoxing” from her digital world and described it as” almost like a reboot for your brain and your soul”



Arianna-Huffington-WorldArianna Huffington – President, Editor-in-Chief, Huffington Post Media Group

Huffington is convinced of the benefits of meditation, not just for the health of individuals, but also in the interests of companies.

She goes so far as saying that businesses using meditation practices have a definite competitive advantage. The stress reduction and healthier, happier employees make a more effective and energetic workplace.

The bottom line is that meditation can provide proven benefits that are tangible and scientifically proven. Highly successful individuals, who lead global corporations, have come to depend on meditation techniques, to help them continue their success and sustain their health and well-being.

They strongly believe in the advantages that it provides for individuals as well as corporations. A veritable “Who’s Who “of meditation today includes an ever growing number of personalities who are outstanding individuals in their field.


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