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10 Healthy Ways To Gain Mass With A Fast Metabolism

There are many that find it difficult to gain mass due to a fast metabolism.

While they may find themselves the envy of others who find it difficult to shed those unwanted kilograms, gaining weight can be just as frustrating and disheartening. Thankfully, there are a number of powerful solutions that allow even the fastest of metabolisms to gain the desired amount of weight.

An Informed Approach

Just as with weight loss, weight gain requires not only a basic understanding of the way our bodies function but the ability to appreciate which approach works the best for us. This will include our diet, level of activity, our age and our target weight.

Only through recognising and addressing these variables can we expect to pack on those kilograms without feeling as if we are wasting our time. So, let us take a quick look at ten tried and tested tips to help you gain mass with a fast metabolism.

1. Hard Gainer or Simply Not Enough Food?10-healthy-ways-to-gain-mass-with-a-fast-metabolism

One of the first things that you need to address is the definition of a “hard gainer”.

There are actually very few individuals that have a metabolism that does not permit them to gain weight. Instead, the majority of those people are simply not receiving the necessary caloric intake to put on weight.

There are many online tools that will aid in the calculation of the amount of calories you will need to maintain your weight. Such variables as your height, weight, age and activity level need to be taken into consideration.

As a simple rule of thumb, add an additional five hundred calories on to the number displayed to obtain an accurate representation of what you will need to gain mass.

2. Small and Frequent Meals

It is important to dispel the myth that eating copious amounts of food two or three times a day will lead to an increase in your weight. In actuality, even those with exceedingly fast metabolisms will have difficulty absorbing the calories, protein and other nutrients in such a manner.

Instead, opt for between four and seven smaller meals that are evenly interspersed throughout the day.

3. Evening Snacks

Sleeping burns the least amount of calories.

Thus, it should only stand to reason that consuming a calorie-rich meal immediately before retiring is an excellent way to gain weight during the night. However, avoid meals that are high in fat (as this is most likely not the type of weight you wish to gain) and instead opt for a nutrient-laden protein shake or even a simple plate of white breast chicken or turkey.

4. Wake Yourself Up

Along similar lines to the last section, many individuals who find it difficult to gain weight may even wake themselves up in the middle of the night, consume a quick weight gain drink or shake and then return to sleep.

There are specially designed slow-release protein supplements that can be mixed with milk or water that are excellent sources of calories and many will also contain substances that promote healthy sleep cycles.

5. Supplementation

The unfortunate truth is that gaining weight can be quite expensive, particularly if you find yourself spending a substantial amount of extra money each week at the grocery store. In fact, many successful weight gainers have touted the use of supplements as the “holy grail“.

There is indeed a good amount of truth to this statement, for the modern weight gain shake can pack on an additional one thousand calories in a serving or more. So, these shakes are quick and convenient ways to obtain the calories you need while costing a fraction of a trip to the supermarket.

6. Eat Even When You Are Not Hungry

This may sound a bit illogical, but eating when you are not hungry is another powerful tool to help you pack on the pounds. Furthermore, getting into this habit will allow the lining of your stomach to stretch.

This will result in the ability to consume more food and to maintain an increased appetite. Of course, never force feed yourself to the point of nausea, but keep in mind that when a hard gainer feels hungry, he or she has already begun burning calories and even body weight.

7. The Right Type of Exercise

Most hard gainers also employ some type of physical fitness regime into their daily lifestyle. While this is a healthy habit, it is important to recognise what type of plan will work in synergy with an increased caloric intake.

Limit running, bicycling or any other type of cardiovascular activity to once or twice per week. Instead, choose weightlifting with low repetitions and moderately high weight. This will burn the minimum amount of calories while simultaneously building quality muscle.

On a side note, women need not worry, for it is extremely rare for females to exhibit a “bulky” appearance unless this routine is followed for a long period of time. If at any time you feel that you are becoming too muscular, simply curtail the amount of time spent at the gym.

8. The Difference Between Muscle and Fat

One of the main reasons that individuals will give up a weight gain program is that they see little visual difference although the scales may claim that they have gained a kilogram or two.

The reason for this is that per cubic inch, muscle is much more dense than fat. Therefore, you may gain muscle mass but it may be difficult to tell. For this reason, ignore your visual appearance in the beginning and instead, keep an eye on your target weight.

9. Baby Steps

Rome was not built in a day, nor will you achieve your target goal overnight. Shooting for the stars may be admirable, but you can also become disheartened in the entire process should you not see immediate results. So, choose to set weekly or monthly milestones.

Your target may be an additional four kilograms per month or you may choose to gain a kilogram a week. Irrespective of the way that you prefer to break down the process, approaching your routine piecemeal is an excellent way to meet your short-term targets while staying motivated for your long-term prize. 

10. Be Patient

You need to realise that in a very real way, you are changing the way in which your body operates. So, do not expect to witness monumental changes overnight. It may take a hard gainer a year or more to gain five kilograms. The point is to be patient and adhere to the aforementioned tips and tricks. 

So, it is clear to see that there are indeed a number of different approaches that you can employ when trying to gain mass with a fast metabolism. Not all of these are easy or fun and many will require a great deal of personal commitment in order to achieve your final goal.

Nonetheless, these are all proven methods and if diligently followed, there is no doubt that you will see results in time. Pay attention to your diet, your eating habits and most importantly, keep focused on the horizon in the distance that represents your ideal weight.

Health by choice, not by chance,
-David Aston

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