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10 Natural Ways To Reduce And Get Rid Of Acne

Acne is a common problem that affects both adolescents and adults alike. While an outburst of acne can be treated to contain the extent of infection, and blemishes from dried acne be lightened over time, there is, however, no surefire way to prevent acne for everybody.

Acne, is basically a clogged pore on the skin. Oily skin tends to accumulate more dust and grime that settle in the hair follicles, blocking the skin and allowing a bacterial infection to thrive on the site.

That said, it’s possible to reduce the possibility of a severe attack and get rid of acne by opting for natural foods that are good for the skin, making use of natural remedies that work to combat acne, and indulging in a set of regular practices that avoid the spread of skin infection.

Let’s now take a look at ten ways through which one can naturally address the problem of acne without resorting to OTC medications:

1. Exfoliate

Regular exfoliation with a gentle scrubber is the best way to clear dead cells of the skin, especially for those with oily skin. Extra care is, however, needed when scrubbing an affected area, as it may cause the infection to spread.

Using brown sugar as a scrub is a natural way to exfoliate the skin, after washing it with hot water. This scrub cleans the area, unblocks pores and softens the skin such that results are evident the very next day. This treatment should be limited to just couple of times a month, as it is reportedly quite effective. Excessive scrubbing may activate the oil (sebaceous) glands and worsen the problem on hand.

2. Tone and Moisturise10-natural-ways-to-reduce-acne

Following the exfoliation process with a natural toner helps revitalise the skin. Water-based mild moisturisers help keep the skin sufficiently hydrated, as dry skin is bound to trigger the production of sebum. Alcohol and apple cider vinegar help tone the skin by effectively killing the bacterial infection in acne.

Lemon juice is again a very strong toner that effectively addresses severe forms of acne. It is, however, important to dilute these potentially strong toners and limit their use to suit specific skin requirements. Rose water, on the other hand, offers a mild toning effect.

3. Nourish

Organic foods with a healthy supply of vitamins and minerals are necessary to keep the skin healthy. Avoiding foods rich in sugar, saturated fats, oily foods help control the formation of pimples. Green vegetables, carrots, fruits and nuts loaded with vitamin A, C and E are known to keep a tab on sebum production, apart from nourishing the skin and detoxifying it.

Including naturally anti-microbial agents such as garlic and turmeric in the daily diet and consuming herbal drinks, such as tea or other preparations of marigold or burdock, will help fight infections effectively.

4. Detox

Switching to a diet rich in fibres, especially oat bran, flax, hemp or chia seeds or spinach, and catching up on regular exercises will help detoxify the body effectively. Toxic body wastes are also known to clog pores on the skin, surfacing as acne outbreaks.

5. Prevent Clogging

Cleaning the skin regularly and keeping the immediate environment free from dust can help prevent clogging of skin pores. However, washing the face frequently may have adverse effects. A paste made from finely powdered dry orange peels mixed with turmeric makes for a gentle cleanser. Regular use of this face wash will help reduce the formation of pimples.

A mask made from egg yolks is basically rich in vitamin A and makes for a cost effective way for stopping pores from clogging. Vitamin A is known to have a regulating effect on both cell formation and as well oil production in the body, apart from controlling the bacterial infection on the skin. Applying egg white on the skin works well to curb the production of oil and, thus, reduces the possibility of clogging.

6. Quick Fix

There are several quick fixes to treat pimples even before they develop into persistent acne. Topical application of any one of the commonly available ingredients, such as honey, garlic, toothpaste, baking soda, crushed garlic, turmeric, sandalwood, etc. is bound to provide speedy relief from pimples.

Ice cubes help treat acne-affected skin by reducing the inflammation. It quickly closes open pores, automatically clearing the block and pushing out the oil, bacteria as well as the dead cells. Applying an ice pack for about 10 minutes, washing the face gently, and applying a suitable toner will help heal the affected area.

7. Hydrate

Keeping the body well hydrated is the best way to maintain naturally healthy skin. The regular regimen of at least eight glasses of water a day holds good in this case, too. Fruit juices, herbal drinks also help to maintain a healthy digestive and excretory system, vital for general wellness.

8. Avoid Dairy Products

Dairy products are known to kick the sebaceous glands into action, automatically increasing the amount of oil that reaches the outer layer of the skin. A dairy-free diet for about three months will help moderate acne outbreaks.

9. Hands Off Pimples

Yes, pimples can get itchy, tempting people to simply pinch them off. However, this is the main reason for the infection to spread to a new area of the skin. Touching the face, rubbing or washing it often, and hair falling across the face are all potential irritants that tend to aggravate the problem. People simply run their hands over the faces, even without actually being aware of their action. It is, therefore, important to keep a deliberate tab on the habit.

10. Watch That Paint

Some people find it difficult to go without their daily makeup. It is important to note that skin care as well as makeup products may block the pores of the skin. Doing away with makeup and leaving the skin in its natural state is the best way to deal with acne. However, if unavoidable, opting for mild, light, fragrance-free, water-based makeup products, especially those explicitly marked non-comedogenic in the label are ideal. Such products do not harm the skin, are not oily and, hence, do not clog skin pores.

While reducing and getting rid of acne is the first step to address the problem, it is also important to heal the tell-tale scars and blemishes on the skin. Natural ingredients such as yoghurt, mint and tomatoes help address these issues effectively. Mint and tomatoes are anti-flammatory by nature and when applied on skin, it effectively soothes and heals the skin. Yoghurt nourishes the skin, while also lightening blemishes and scars in the process.

Essential oils with natural antiseptic properties such as neem, tea tree and lavender help reduce the formation as well as the spread of acne. Natural aloe vera extract helps to keep the skin cool and rejuvenated, allowing it to naturally heal with time. 

Take care to make sure you’re not allergic to any of the natural alternatives mentioned here before trying them!

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-David Aston

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