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10 Tips to Immediately Reduce Clinical Depression

Depression robs you from experiencing joy. You are fatigue and tired all the time. Nothing interests you and it seems you are alone in the world. You seek comfort being by yourself and you feel a deep emptiness within your soul.

You despair over your life and some days you can’t get out of bed. You are in agony over past issues and devastating events. This post is to encourage you not to give up in your depression and help reduce your clinical depression and pursue your happiness.

Here are 10 tips to reduce depression and experience joy.

1. Don’t bicker with argumentative people

This is the one thing you must avoid. That is drama! Don’t fret over the small things in your life or negative people who can ruin your peace of mind and your whole day over one small dispute. Rise above the chaos no matter how much you want to be angry.

It reduces stress and keeps you from getting down about your circumstances when you learn to ignore argumentative people and just walk away. Let it go and move on to other things you need to do and learn to solve disputes without much bickering.


2. Define what you are grateful for in your life

It is easy to forget life is a gift that is to be cherished. Our time on earth does not last forever. It may seem like a struggle now but things will get better. Hard times will subdue and your mood will improve. Remember what are you grateful for in your life.

You have a loving family, food to eat, and you have the freedom to pursue your hearts desires. That is just some examples of what you can be thankful for in your life. Don’t take my word for it.

Define what you are thankful for in your life!

3. Eat a balanced diet breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Food affects your mood according to most dietitians and nutritionists. Eat the right foods to improve your mood. Develop a diet high in fruits and vegetables with meats for proteins. Prepare your meals in advance the night before if need be for you to have it during the day.

Always eat 3 meals a day with snacks. This greatly reduces your risk of eating poorly which decreases your mood. Create a strict diet plan to maintain a energized and uplifting mood. Greatly reduce the caffeine intake in the morning because it creates a temporary boost in energy and a severe drop in mood during the day.

4. Spend time with loved ones

You need to surround yourself with people who love you and care about your well being. It’s nothing like having someone who can point out your strengths and give you encouragement when you are weak.

Depression blinds you to the good things in your life so surround yourself with people who are going to build you up and not cause you to despair. Love can heal your depression and restore your joy all you must do is open up to the people who care about you and let them be there to support you!

If they are truly your loved ones they will do whatever it takes to help you.

5. Get out the house and take a walk

The most important step in reducing depression is not being by yourself and mopping in silence and isolate from others. You need to lean on others for support and get out of the confines of your house.

Just get up and take a walk to get fresh air and feel the sun shine. It is a great reminder that you may feel alone but you are not alone.

It is a uplifting feeling when you know you have brighter days to look forward to.

6. Talk out your feelings

Don’t be combative or cynical honestly express how you feel. Holding in suppressed feelings increases depression because you lack self esteem to fully express your opinions.

Don’t let no one make you feel inferior. Your opinion is valued and unique. You deserve to be heard and appreciated by those around you.

Express how you feel diligently to others and talk out your issues hopes and dreams together. There’s nothing more precious in this world than a simple conversation that enlightens your day.

7. Be willing to give compliments

When you are feeling down in the dumps give others compliments and watch how they smile and give you thanks for being so courteous. Don’t seek to bring others down in misery with you instead encourage others like you want to be encouraged.

You never know how that positive energy you put out into the world will return back to you in a vital way for you to improve your mood. Be determined to look at the brighter side of things rather than the negative.

For every negative event in your life you can use it as an excuse to stay depressed or use it to grow and serve others.

Be a source of positivity to others and see how much stress you release from being critical and negative.

8. Keep pushing forward towards your goals

Don’t give up on your dreams in the midst of your despair.

Create a board with your dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Look at it everyday for motivation.

Keep going things are bound to improve for you. Stop and rest but don’t lay down and give up because you are depressed. Keep reaching for your goals. Many are unhealthy because they give up right before they see bountiful results.

You have to be persistent and don’t stop trying to better yourself.

9. Think positive

Depression has you feeling bad and hopeless but you have control over your thoughts. It is unhealthy to constantly think negative and not be willing to receive the good things in your life. It is beneficial to have a critical perspective about complex issues but don’t harbor negative mindsets.

Are you constantly thinking nothing goes well for you?

You think you are always going to be broke? You might be lacking in money but that does not mean you should have a lack mentality. Focus on the positive in your life!

Research suggest positive thinkers live longer and have less stress and anxiety. Choose to see things in a positive view and know things are going to get better.

10. Keep your commitments

Many lack a healthy state of mind because they don’t follow through on their self promises. Don’t cut yourself short from following through on what you said you were going to do. Stick to the tasks you set for yourself.

It is a confidence building tasks when you make a commitment to do something and see it come true. Depression destroys self confidence but you can rebuild it by upholding your self promises which are often beneficial to your mental well being. You must always make a conscious effort to stick to what you say you are going to do no matter how you feel.

Complete self promises based on your commitment not on how you feel at the moment. If you tell yourself you are going to exercise today then stick to it and do it. I struggle with the concept of sticking to my self promises but I work at it everyday and it does get better.

Seek help from a mental health professional to help you in your quest to reduce depression.

Know your life without depression is better than the way you currently live. So get better and pursue your happiness and you  can live with joy. ツ

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