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107 Sneaky Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Want to be super healthy? Want to stop getting constant colds and taking days of work? This article will help you do exactly that a lot more! Let's start with what the immune system does and how to strengthen it by improving your diet.

Tip 91 – Try to avoid touching your face whenever possible

Bacteria, viruses and other contaminants are unable to get into the body through the skin. The skin is too tough and too strong for them to pass through. These illness causing contaminants normally get into the body through the mouth, eyes and the nose.

If you have a tendency to touch your face, whether that is to scratch an itch or rub your eyes, try to avoid doing it to give these contaminants less of a chance of entering the body.

Tip 92 – Don’t go overboard with the cleaning

Our immune system can, in fact, become weaker if it spends too much time in a clean and sterile environment. The immune system needs to be attacked on a regular basis to ensure that it is strong and working well.

Make sure your house is clean and that you regularly wash your hands, but make sure not to become obsessive about cleanliness. As with nearly everything in life; balance and moderation are the key.

Tip 93 – Avoid biting your nails

The hands are a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and other contaminants. They are constantly in contact with contaminated surfaces that can easily spread these agents of illness.

Biting your nails gives these contaminants the perfect opportunity to enter the body through the mouth.

If you bite your nails, try to curb this habit. Every time you catch yourself biting your nails, stop yourself and try to do something else instead. Eventually, you’ll find yourself biting your nails less and less.

Tip 94 – Join a yoga class

Yoga has been found to boost the immune system, while also providing other health benefits like a faster metabolism leading to increased fat loss, increased muscle gain, improved co-ordination and increased flexibility. Yoga also helps to get the heart pumping for some light cardio.

Yoga strengthens the immune system by causing it to produce more white bloods cells. Certain yoga poses also stimulate the skin causing blood flow to be increased, allowing the immune system cells easier access to the body.

Yoga also stimulates the lymph glands. The lymph glands convert pollutants and intruders into the body like bacteria and viruses into waste toxins that are excreted from the body through the skin. When stimulated, the lymph glands become more active and work harder to remove more pollutants from the body.

Tip 95 – Get a massage!

Massages have been shown to boost and strengthen the immune system, helping it to fight against infection and reducing the chance of falling ill.

Massages also cause the body to release special hormones called endorphins that provide the body with a feeling of wellbeing while making the mind feel easy and relaxed. Endorphins prevent the release of stress hormones that can inhibit the immune system.

Massages also improve the efficiency of the immune system by making it more active. This means that the immune system is more active when seeking out and destroying infection in the body.

While massages don’t actually help to cure infections or disease, they can strengthen the immune system and help it stop intruders before they take a foothold in the body.

Tip 96 – Engage in an acupuncture session

Acupuncture has been carried out by the Chinese for hundreds of years. Chinese people believe that there is energy flowing through our body that, when blocked, can weaken the body and make it more vulnerable to illness. Acupuncture works by inserting needles into the body to redirect energy around energy blockages.

Regardless of whether you believe in ‘energy’ in the body or not, research has found that acupuncture actually can boost the immune system and help provide better protection against illness. A single session can dramatically strengthen the immune system for weeks to come.

Tip 97 – Start writing a diary

Putting your thoughts, your feelings and your hopes and dreams to paper can be an enlightening and stress relieving activity.

Our brain can some times struggle to make sense of the information contained in our mind; putting pen to paper allows it to better understand what is happening in your mind.

Writing a diary can also give a renewed sense of purpose and drive in life. Research has found that having a strong purpose and drive to live has a noticeable effect on the immune system.

One of the best ways to write a journal is to set aside a set amount of time, perhaps 15 minutes each day, and then trying to write as much as possible without stopping. Your true thoughts and dreams will instantly come to mind and your hand will write them on the paper.

Tip 98 – Have a laugh!

Laughter has been shown to the boost the immune system by causing it to produce increased numbers of antibodies. It also boosts white blood cell activity, making the immune system more capable at fighting infection and resisting disease.

Laughter also provides the body with a number of health benefits like easing stress, lowering blood pressure, increasing blood flow throughout the body and reliving muscle tension.

In your day to day life, try to look at the funny side of things. Also, start watching more comedy shows or listening to stand up comedians that you find amusing.

Laughter is also very infectious – try to be around people that love to laugh and soon find yourself laughing with them.

Tip 99 – Be more positive

The body and mind are very closely interlinked. What happens in one can directly affect the other.

Research has found that, when the mind is at ease and is being more positive, the body releases increased numbers of endorphins and other hormones that make it feel good while simultaneously boosting the immune system. Conversely, when the mind is being negative, the body releases stress hormones that can cause the immune system to be suppressed.

Learning to think more positively is probably easier than you think. A visit to a local book store will turn up a number of books that can help teach the art of thinking positively.

Tip 100 – Engage in sexual activities

Sex is not only a fun activity, it has been found to boost the immune system while providing a number of benefits to general health.

Sex increases the amounts of the antibody immunoglobulin A. Immunoglobulin A helps to fight off infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

Sex also improves the quality of sleep while causing the body to release endorphins that put the mind and body at ease while reducing stress levels.

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