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107 Sneaky Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Want to be super healthy? Want to stop getting constant colds and taking days of work? This article will help you do exactly that a lot more! Let's start with what the immune system does and how to strengthen it by improving your diet.

Tip 81 – Clean your desk

Office desks are a breeding ground for bacteria. The longer a desk is left in a dirty and unclean state, the more bacteria fester and multiply.

Desks should be wiped with disinfectant cleaning solutions while phones, mice and keyboards should be wiped down using disinfectant wipes. Your desk should be disinfected at least once every week to keep bacteria at bay.

Eating at a work desk is dangerous; the high numbers of bacteria can infect the food and get into the body and cause illness. Avoid eating at your work desk, if at all possible.

Tip 82 – Get out of the office

The work place is a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and pollutants. Air in the office is usually recycled with very little fresh air being pumped in leading to high number of contaminants being present. Air conditioners and heaters can also help to spread these contaminants to all areas of the office.

Getting some fresh air is very important while at work. Try to go outside and take in some deep breaths during your breaks. If possible, head out to an area free from pollution.

The fresh air will help the immune system while relaxing the body and improving concentration, leading to increased efficiency while working.

Taking a break from the computer can also give the eyes time to rest, reducing eyestrain. Taking a walk will also give the muscles time to stretch while reliving muscle tension.

Tip 83 – Get rid of mold in the house

Household mould can be a source of allergies and it can introduce a number of airborne bacteria into the air. Ridding the house of household mould can greatly increase air quality while reducing the chance of falling ill. Most mould can be found in the bathroom where humidity is higher. The moisture in the air creates a perfect environment for the mould to grow in.

Dead leaves are also a perfect breeding ground for mould. Make sure to clean any house plants on a weekly basis and throw out any dead leaves that may be collecting in the pot.

If an item has become infested with mould, throw it out as soon as possible.

Tip 84 – Hang your towels out to dry

Leaving your towel in a damp mess after it has been used can cause illness causing bacteria and germs to grow on it.

After using your towel, hang it out to dry in a non-humid area. A humid area, like the bathroom, will make it difficult for the towel to dry, giving bacteria and germs more time to grow.

Regular washing of the towel will also ensure that it is free from germs. Try to wash it once a week, at least. Also, try to replace the towel every few months to ensure that numbers of bacteria and germs are kept low.

Tip 85 – Wash your hands consistently and regularly throughout the day

Your hands are constantly in contact with people, food, animals and other surfaces that may be covered in bacteria. These bacteria collect on your hands and grow, spreading to the face and food when you touch them. They can then get inside the body and cause illness.

By washing your hands, you can ensure that your hands are free from illness causing bacteria. Special anti bacterial soap is not necessary, but it is important to fully scrub the hands to make sure all the bacteria is eliminated.

Tip 86 – Replace your toothbrush regularly

Toothbrushes make for an ideal environment for bacteria, viruses and germs to grow. These contaminants can then enter the mouth while brushing the teeth and cause illness.

Make sure to rinse your toothbrush down fully after using it and try to replace the toothbrush every few months.

Tip 87 – Keep the kitchen clean and free from bacteria and germs

The kitchen is a perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria that can easily infect food and cause illness. Research has found that the kitchen is most often the part of the house that is most contaminated by germs and bacteria.

Make sure to clean the kitchen thoroughly on a regular basis, concentrating mainly on the sinks, the work tops and the cutlery. Also, ensure that kitchen cloths and cleaning sponges are replaced regularly and that the bin is emptied so that rubbish is not allowed to fester.

Tip 88 – Make sure the house is free of dust mites

Dust mites are tiny organisms that live in the house and eat human skin to survive. They can trigger allergies and spread illness causing contaminants like bacteria.

Opening the windows and letting in some fresh air can kill dust mites and keep their numbers low. Try to wash household bedding like pillows, duvets and sheets regularly too, as they are a prime place for dust mites to live and grow.

Tip 89 – Keep your distance from people who are ill

People who are suffering from illness or sickness spread bacteria, viruses and other illness causing contaminants wherever they go. Whenever they sneeze, cough, or even breathe, tiny water droplets carrying these contaminants are sent out into the air.

It’s not necessary to be anti-social, but try to keep your distance from people who are suffering from illness, if possible. If you’re travelling in a car or bus with someone who is ill, open the window slightly to let some fresh air into the vehicle.

Tip 90 – Wear an illness mask when ill

This tip isn’t specifically for your benefit, but it is for the benefit of those around you.

Surgical style masks that help prevent illness from spreading have been commonplace in Asia for decades, and they’re becoming more popular in the Western world now, too. These masks help limit the number of contaminated droplets leaving the mouth when coughing, sneezing or breathing.

If you’re currently undergoing illness, you can greatly reduce the risk of the illness spreading by wearing one of these masks.

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