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20 Best Natural Heath Websites to Feel Great With

Here at Why Am I Unhealthy we’re committed to and take great pleasure in helping people become the healthiest version of themselves.

The following websites are some of my favorite healthy living resources which are also dedicated to doing just that…

Taking the time to research, analyze and interpret information so YOU may in turn, learn, benefit and thrive – while spreading your new-found knowledge by way of exemplary habits and informed skepticism.

Whether you’re trying to live forever, trim that waistline before the holidays or cure a nagging ailment, these 20 websites have got you covered from A to Z.

With such a complex industry it can be difficult to stay on top of all the current trends, research and findings related to your health and well-being.

Thankfully there are good natured, determined individuals and organizations removing the guesswork and frustration associated with the constant expedition of staying physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.

It really is to hard to rank such great websites, so I recommend you bookmark all of them and make sure to visit as often as they deserve :D

Here we go, my 20 favorite health websites;


1. Mind Body Green

mind-body-greenThis is definitely one of the websites that we make it a point to visit each day first thing in the morning as MBG relies on user generated content (experience is the purest form of knowledge in our opinion), offers unusually approachable news, articles, applicable tips, and interviews around holistic health for the everyday consumer.

Mind Body Green was started by Jason Wachob a couple years back when, as he puts it, “the last thing I ever thought I’d be into was yoga.”

Apparently, when a 100,000 plus airline mile year of corporate travel wreaked havoc on the sciatic nerve in his back, he turned to the ancient practice to avoid surgery. With his body physically transformed and newly convinced of the all around benefits of taking care of one’s body, Wachob launched MindBodyGreen to spread the word.

MBG was able to grow monthly unique visitors from 100,000 to 1.3 million relatively quickly and is a direct result of expanding beyond the hardcore demographics to engage a more mainstream audience.

Also, covering certain aspects of the wellness lifestyle such as yoga, green living and spirituality equally has been well received by regular users.

If you’re sensitive to gluten but love a good pizza pie then you’ll love this stuffed crust favorite!

2. Mercola


Dr. Joseph Mercola is an osteopathic physician, also known as a DO. DOs are licensed physicians who, similar to MDs, can prescribe medication and perform surgery in all 50 states. DOs and MDs have similar training requiring four years of study in the basic and clinical sciences, and the successful completion of licensing exams. But DOs bring something extra to the practice of medicine.

Osteopathic physicians practice a “whole person” approach, treating the entire person rather than just symptoms. And it’s because of this fact that they made the list and it’s articles like 9 body hacks to naturally increase testosterone that keep bringing us back.

3. Natural news


We frequent The NaturalNews Network and for good reason, they are a non-profit collection of public education websites covering topics that empower individuals to make positive changes in their health, environmental sensitivity, consumer choices and informed skepticism.

Natural News offers thousands of articles and dozens of downloadable reports like the Honest Food Guide that are designed to educate and empower individuals, families and communities so that they may experience improved health, awareness and life fulfillment.

The World Health Organization estimates that about 121 million people worldwide have some form of depression, although less than 25 percent have access to effective treatment. Turmeric, native to South Asia is believed by some to be more effective than anti-depressants which is why we found this article particular attractive.

4. Marks Daily Apple


Marks Daily Apple founder Mark Sisson launched the website back in 2006 in order to, as he puts it, “empower people to take full responsibility for their own health and enjoyment of life by investigating, discussing, and critically rethinking everything we’ve assumed to be true about health and wellness.”

We found Marks Primal Blueprint 101 and an interesting article about bare feet and salmon roe to be of particular intrigue so be sure to check them out when you have a moment.

5. Paleo Hacks


Essentially, if you’ve got Paleo related questions, their community has answers. The site is very user friendly and makes it easy for you to get involved.

Then there’s the PaleoHacks Podcast, which is their weekly podcast hosted by Clark Danger. Clark brings on popular Paleo experts, authors, and others to talk about trending Paleo topics and answers questions for the entire community. It’s a great show.

Here’s an amazing yet informative thread we found on the love of junk food and Paleo.

6. All-Natural


Known as a natural healing resource center, provides users with simple yet efficient methods of healing and a enhancing our minds, body and spirit through clean eating and informed lifestyle choices.

Whether you’re eating for beauty or searching for your divine self, All-Natural has you covered. We especially appreciated this Guide to Nutritional and Herbal Remedies and this Philosophy of Natural Healing.

7. Longe City


“Advocacy and research for indefinite lifespans.” This is the first thing you see when you visit

Indefinite lifespans?

This website focuses the majority of it’s efforts and resources on researching and ultimately enhancing mental acuity and anti aging properties of ones existence.

This is a friendly community, one of which offers a great deal of resources and certainly provides the user with a unique experience, to say the least.

We thought this was a very interesting discussion on  Surviving The Gap – The Cost Of Immortality. Makes you wonder, right?

8. Cure Zone

Cure-Zone is a helpful forum that’s all about educating instead of medicating as their website header puts it. They have a popular feature known as  Ailment and Illness – Prevention & Curing Protocols which can be found on this page.  Many people find this to be a useful and friendly community which is why they have thousands of active users each and every day.

9. Life Hack

This site is dedicated to lifehacks, which is a phrase describing any advice, resource, tip or trick helping you get things done more efficiently and effectively.

While isn’t exclusively a natural health website, it makes the list because it’s a great source for tips to help improve all aspects of your life. They’re widely recognized as one of the premier productivity and healthy lifestyle blogs on the web.

We found this great info-graphic on the health benefits of laughter and you’ll definitely want to check out this fascinating article on The 15 Signs of Emotional Intelligence 

10. Robb Wolf


Robb Wolf has been a review editor for the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, is co-founder of the nutrition and athletic training journal, The Performance Menu and co-owner of NorCal Strength & Conditioning –  one of the Men’s Health Top 30 gyms in America.

Robb Wolf, a former research biochemist is the New York Times Best Selling author of The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet. Wolf has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world via his top ranked iTunes podcastbook and seminars.

On our last visit to his website across this gem discussing the effects of a gluten free diet on irritable bowel syndrome.



The team has a passion for helping their community at large by improving their bodies, minds, and spirits. was formed by Drew Canole with the intention of creating a network of like minded people to start a revolution of empowerment.

This website is basically a transformation show to improve his readers and viewers physical well-being through targeted, instruction-laden workout tips and videos.

Drew aims to inspire and motivate others to search deep within themselves to create prosperous, healthy and enriching lifestyles.

With so much frequent, topical and informative information ranging from health tips and delicious juicing recipes to healing your body with spices and herbs. As a matter of fact, this was a great article on the potent healing power of spices.

12. The Feel Good Lifestyle


Phil Drolet’s (founder of The Feel Good Lifestyle) deepest belief is that “there is greatness inside all of us and to access it, we must align ourselves with a greater purpose, commit to excellence, and seek to improve every day.”

According to Phil, he hit a low point in his life when he quit his corporate job and didn’t get into grad school.

Deep inside, Phil knew that he had a lot to offer just hadn’t the slightest idea how to go about it.

He decided to travel to the other side of the world and live there for 18 months in order to gain clarity and purpose on where he stands in this world. It’s safe to say Phil and the Feel Good Lifestyle team feel that they are here to experiment with, live and teach the principles of Optimal Living  in order to help and inspire others to step into their greatness, become the best version of themselves, and make big things happen in the world.

Pia (editor & contributor at Feel Good Lifestyle) recently wrote an interesting article about the benefits of putting yourself first in order to serve others. Sounds strange, no? Check it out here, she offers some very interesting perspectives to say the least.

13. Food Babe


Vani is the Food Babe and is all about helping you get the healthy body that you want. Vani’s philosphy is simple, which is why we like her, “you’ve got to know your food in order to conquer your health.”

The Food Babe says she’s most knowledgeable about the harmful ingredients in processed foods and how to avoid them. For this reason, she has made it her mission to spread as much information possible about what’s in food, how to make the right purchasing decisions at the supermarket and how to live an organic lifestyle in this over-processed world.

Recently, while perusing the food babes website, we came across this interesting article she wrote describing a rather large list of non-organic foods that are allegedly approved and readily available inside what is believed to be (some) organic foods.

14. Dr. Axe


As a weekly radio show host, Dr. Josh Axe offers life changing health solutions on his radio show, which is heard by thousands of people each week on the air and online.

Since starting his online health endeavors in 2008, Dr. Axe has helped thousands transform their health and life through his strategies in advanced nutrition, burst training, weight loss, superfoods, healthy recipes and anti-aging!

With that said, 2e thought that  The Healing Foods Shopping List was a really cool idea. There were definitely a couple of surprising items.

15. Bullet Proof Executive

Bullet proof executive is a cool site that focuses on supercharging your health with a tendency to emphasize mental health and IQ enhancement.

Here’s an informative podcast with Yuri Elkaim describing 55 fitness, nutrition and bullet proof habits, his take on raw food, the “fruits & veggies€ argument, exercise vs. rest, habits, and more! If you are an athlete (or biohacker) looking for tips to take your life to the next level, this is for you!

16. WH Foods


Worlds Healthiest Foods is designed to help you make decisions that will optimize your health. And it can be done in 3 easy steps:

  1. Select health-promoting, nutrient-rich World’s Healthiest Foods
  2. Combine them in the Healthiest Way of Eating Plan to fulfill your nutritional requirements
  3. Use cooking methods that retain maximum nutrition and flavor

This website is great for those whom want to eat for nourishment and better health rather than hunger. We are all about nourishment her and because of this we found this article on ways to support healthy digestion very informative.

17. Hungry For Change


Featuring interviews with best selling health authors and leading medical experts plus real life transformational stories with those who know what it’s like to be sick and overweight. Learn from those who have been there before and continue your health journey today.

James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch are Nutritional Consultants turned filmmakers. Motivated by an illness in their own family the duo set off to make Food Matters and now Hungry For Change.

Hungry For Change offers informative articles keeping you up to date on the latest nutrition and natural health tips and remedies. They seem to genuinely love finding interesting and useful information that can help you on your journey to health and vitality

We are huge Kombucha fans and this article exposing the wonders of this tea definitely caught our attention. Actually this article describing the health benefits of listening to music captured our attention as well.

18. Care2


Care2 was started back in 1998 with the ambitious goal of making the world a better place. Now, with over 20 million users actively browsing their pages, care 2 is one of the top health resources on the internet. Care2 provides powerful tools to make a difference in your life, your community, and the world. Their website is driven by passionate people who want nothing more than to restore the world’s balance.

We have a feeling that you will enjoy these 12 fascinating fruit & vegetable relatives.

19. The Nourished Life

Living the Nourished Life

“I’ve always been a little bit unconventional, which is probably why I embrace an approach to getting healthy that includes listening to your body, finding your own way, and throwing dietary dogma in the garbage where it belongs” ~Elizabeth Walling

Elizabeth Walling is the writer behind The Nourished Life blog, since launching in 2009 as a resource for others who are interested in improving their health and well-being the natural way.

Like many people, she thought under-eating and over-exercising were the path to health. Boy, was she wrong! After a couple years, her health had gotten progressively worse and she found herself with severe acne, insomnia, PMS, mood swings and no energy! She knew something wasn’t right, and started her investigation into health and nutrition.

Today she enjoys excellent health, sleeps like a baby and maintains great spirits! Here’s an intriguing article on peanut butter craving that definitely peaked my interest.


20. Prevention


Prevention is a magazine that was founded by J. I. Rodale in 1950. Since then it’s managed to become one of the largest magazines in the world with over 10 million monthly readers. Prevention gives great effort to post fresh content regularly on a wide array of health topics including healthy living tips, fitness articles, recipes, creative diets and beauty advice.

We always invite people to incorporate swimming into their lives as it offers many benefits from rehab to muscle building and we found this article on toning up with swimming  rather interesting.

I hope you find as much value in these websites as we do.

Health by choice, not by chance.

-David Aston

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