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6 Tips to Curing A Leaky Gut

Leaky gut syndrome is a tedious medical condition. Let us kick start this topic off by first learning about leaky gut from the physician’s viewpoint.

Leaky gut refers to a condition whereby the lining of the intestines is damaged. The damage renders the protective lining less effective in protecting the internal area of the intestines.

The intestines have a certain amount of permeability for essential elements like nutrients to get absorbed. For example, damaged intestinal lining causes chronic alteration of it.

Hence the filtering of biological substances and nutrients that flow through the intestines is not quite up to scratch, allowing bacteria and toxins to slip through.

When waste that is normally not absorbed into the intestines sneaks in, it may start to leak into the blood stream. When this happens, an autoimmune reaction is triggered leading to a whole host of gastrointestinal problems one does not want to know about.

6 Tips to Curing A Leaky Gut

Let us get something clear, leaky gut syndrome may not sound like much, but there are serious risks associated with the condition. Not to mention the enormous amount of discomfort the person has to endure.

Here is why it is so important to take this condition seriously; leaky gut can easily trigger various disorders or worsen them.

Disorders such as celiac disease, Crohn’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis are part of the list. Inflamed bowel syndrome is generally the norm for people suffering with leaky gut problems.


1. Healing the Herbal Way

Leaky gut syndrome is not often seen as a true medical condition, but alternative medical practitioners are quick off the bat to spot the problem.

One of the most effective and beneficial herbal remedies I’ve seen for healing a leaky gut is DigestAssist, DigestAssistwhich uses a powerful combination of ginger, fennel, peppermint and Pelargonium reniforme to ensure a natural approach to trouble-free digestion.

While herbs for the most part are not harmful, it is recommended that a licensed alternative medical practitioner does the prescribing. The following are some of the herbs generally used to cure leaky gut.

Peppermint tea is a simple and effective way of relieving leaky gut problems. It acts to calm the stomach, rid the intestines of bacteria and toxins, and promote the secretion of bile. By ridding the intestines of the bad bacteria that are leaking into the bloodstream, the probability of infection is lowered. Peppermint oil in capsule form is also believed to bring relief.

Slippery elm is primarily used in preparations to heal burns, wounds and various skin inflammations. However, taken as an oral preparation it helps to soothe inflamed intestines. This is possible because slippery elm mixed with water becomes a gelatinous substance that coats the intestines. Further, the antioxidants in slippery elm help in eradicating free radicals.

Chamomile tea is another effective way to treat the leaky gut syndrome. It has properties that help to relieve bloating, pain, cramps and flatulence. The tea is a natural relaxant; it relieves leaky gut symptoms by lessening stress. Anxiety and stomach ailments often go together, so cutting stress is one method of cure.

Here’s an article David wrote about the 5 most powerful herbs to heal a leaky gut

2. Letting Natural Antibiotics Work

There are way too many ingredients in the foods consumed today that do serious damage to the intestinal lining. Like what one wonders in surprise – how can food be bad for you?

Most people are unaware that the refined sugars and carbohydrates found in certain food provide excellent fuel for microorganisms like yeast. There are a whole list of foods that completely strip the essential nutrients and vitamins from the foods we consume. For example, preserved foods especially meats such as bacon, smoked meats, corned beef and more; pickled foods and moldy foods.

Natural antibiotics are found in fruits and vegetables, whole grains, seeds and legumes among others that provide plenty of fiber. Fiber is the secret ingredient needed to cleanse the colon and remove harmful microorganisms. If left inside the intestines, they start to destroy the intestinal lining.

Some of the best natural antibiotic foods and herbs that can help prevent and cure leaky gut include: raw garlic, onions, leeks, radishes, ginger, fenugreek and cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. Kill the yeast, parasites and bacteria flourishing in the intestines, and the problem of leaky gut is solved.

3. The Liquid that Rocks

Poor diet and insufficient water consumption is often the root cause of many stomach ailments that in turn lead to other more serious health concerns. Leaky gut syndrome includes bloating, flatulence, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease among others. With improved bowel function, many of these problems will go away. When left unattended, these problems lead to leaky gut syndrome.

One of the simplest and most effective cures for leaky gut syndrome is to drink lots of water. Here is how it works in the simplest terms. Bowel problems cause chronic dehydration, which in turn causes the waste matter to harden and stagnate. Next stage, the bacteria comes out to play and ends up inflaming the intestinal lining. No prizes for guessing what the next step is – leaky gut syndrome!

A minimum of two litres of water needs to be consumed daily to relieve bowel problems. People with seriously inflamed bowels and leaky gut syndrome may do well to drink 3 litres of water each day.

6 Tips to Curing A Leaky Gut - Water

Water is the healthiest source to avoid or cure the leaky gut syndrome. Cut out sodas, caffeine, highly sugared drinks and alcohol – choose water instead every time thirst needs quenching. This is really the first step to saying goodbye to leaky gut syndrome.

4. Revamping Dietary Habits

Healthy diet equates to a healthy body and obviously an unhealthy diet equates to numerous headaches. Physicians and dietary experts recommend that the average human being’s diet should comprise thirty to forty percent of fruits and raw vegetables.

Plenty of fibre and an avoidance of certain things that are enjoyable, but absolutely detrimental to good health. What are these things?

Examples include gastric irritants such as excessive caffeine and alcohol consumption, smoking and a diet high in gluten. The benefits of eating a diet high in raw foods is that they provide the body with antibiotics, phytonutrients and living enzymes; all good stuff to fight the bad microorganisms, improve digestion and cure leaky gut problems.

Some ways to improve digestion: improve the absorption of nutrients from food by chewing slowly and thoroughly. Avoid eating in a rush or when stressed. Take in small quantities at a time rather than heaping great spoonfuls.

Avoid drinking too much water or other liquids when eating. Fluids help to dilute essential gastric juices needed to digest the food properly. Try to eat small meals four or five times a day rather than going for three large ones.

5. Enhanced Integrity of the Intestine Wall

Treating the altered permeability or damage of the intestinal wall is essential for curing leaky gut syndrome. It has been mentioned before and will be again that the worse the damage to the intestinal wall gets, the worse problems of inflammation and disease of the intestines would become.

Correcting the problem is not difficult when done without any delay and laziness. There are therapeutic substances such as various natural herbs as well as the natural antibiotics found in certain foods. These can be used to rebuild the damaged intestinal lining and correct the permeability to its originally correct state.

One way of curing leaky gut syndrome is to enhance the population of healthy microorganisms in the intestines. The first step would be to find out exactly what fungi, bacteria, viruses and parasites have made their home in your bowels. This will require testing and treatment by a medical professional. Only then will it be possible to start building up the healthy bacteria population.

A term commonly used is probiotics; it refers to live microorganisms, which need to be consumed in adequate supply to provide healthy bacteria. It is possible to get the probiotic bacteria needed through the consumption of certain fermented foods such as yogurt. Dietary supplements are also available to encourage intestinal health.

6. The Combined Powers of Ginger and Garlic

Ginger and garlic are natural ingredients. They are nature’s gifts with the power to cure leaky gut syndrome. Fresh garlic rich in natural antioxidants has been known to provide healing qualities. For example, it helps to re-vitalize the immune system, lower the risk of heart disease and even suppress tumor growth.

How can garlic be successfully used in the leaky gut cure? Garlic has the properties necessary to balance stomach bacteria (flora), necessary for a healthy gut. It removes any yeast overgrowth and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. Crunching up just two cloves of fresh garlic daily will work wonders for people with the leaky gut condition.

Raw ginger is a natural food that brings its own healing qualities. For starters, it is useful in combatting inflammation in the intestinal tract brought about by leaky gut among other things.

Ginger’s most rewarding quality is that it has no side effects. Specifically in the case of leaky gut syndrome, its use helps to lessen irritation because of the lack of side effects associated with the natural food. The antioxidants in ginger make it a useful ingredient in treating various health ailments. As with garlic, chewing on a small piece daily gives some good results.


With all the health problems floating around today, we definitely need to know what to watch out for with the leaky gut business. The leaky gut syndrome originates in the gastrointestinal tract, but is not confined to this area of the body. It can move on to other organs and cause a host of health problems.

While each patient is unique with his anatomy and symptoms vary from one patient to the next, experts have identified certain common symptoms patients may experience that include:

• Problems with digestion that may include flatulence, constipation, bloating and diarrhea, heart burn, gum disease
• Irritability, anxiety attacks, moodiness, fatigue, foggy feeling, headaches, depression
• Various allergies and skin rashes
• Lowered nutrient absorption caused by the disease may lead to nutritional deficiencies and other health issues

Some of the things to watch out for to avoid getting leaky gut syndrome in the first place include:

• Gut irritants like smoking; excessive consumption of caffeine and or alcohol
• Be on the watch for fungal, bacterial or parasitic infections
• Certain antibiotics and pain killers
• Contaminated foods that the heart does not permit to throw away
• Sugar-rich and fibre-low diets
• Vitamin deficiencies
• Digestive intolerances such as lactose intolerance

Understanding that chronic ailments, poor health conditions and other health problems all relate back to one thing and one thing only – the body’s balance being shaken, is important. When the body falls out of balance, rule of thumb is to first restore the natural balance of the body before moving on to finding out what ails the patient. When this happens, illness cannot continue to prevail, it would obviously has to flee!

With the leaky gut syndrome, running to the first doctor available in search of pills may not be the answer. Rebuilding the essential cells in the body is the underpinning principle of getting rid of the problem. Identifying the cause of the leaky gut problem, which could be fungal, parasitic, food allergies, candida or common medicines such as NSAIDS among others, comes first.

The right nutrition and diet follow; every day the body needs the right kinds of foods to keep the body well-nourished and healthy to survive attacks such as leaky gut syndrome. Apart from this choosing the right lifestyle is also important.

This may include giving up certain treasured habits such as alcohol consumption or smoking. Supplements are not totally off the list; however it should be understood that they are meant only to enhance the right diet and not provide nutrition.

Health by choice, not by chance.

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  • Great site, have been diagnosed with candida and leaky gut so any information would be great am intolerant to most foods all I can eat is meat and veg at the moment every time I try and introduce something the horrible sympoms of whoozy in the head nausea belly pains and a lot of other horriblr symptoms.

    • Hello Diane,

      I am also suffering with Leaky Gut at the moment and everytime I eat something, my body reacts from iching all over to foggy brain, tiedness etc. I thought I had kick this in the bucket as I have suffered from this for years. I was having a good spell until recently when I had to take two course of antibiotics because of a bladder infection. I will adopt the tips given above to help me heal naturally. Best naturally. Doctors do not accept leaky gut exists so it is frastrating talking to them about it. I am off to get some garlic and ginger. Ginger I know definately works as it helped the last time. Good luck with healing yourself Diane. keep us updated on how you are doing.


      • Also consider removing certain foods from your diet for a short trial – wheat, milk products. etc. I have chronic fatigue and leaky gut, but recently found that I also have developed many food allergies due to my immune abnormalities.

        When I stopped eating foods containing soy, then started again, I realized that 90% of my brain fog was a soy allergy. Almost EVERY packaged food contains soybean oil, which I cannot have. I fall asleep, have diarrhea, and have gas for days when I eat it. It reminded me of getting sick as a child when I ate canned salmon (canned in soybean oil – who knew back then?) I cannot even eat chicken fed soybeans! I have violent diarrhea. Eating “generic” cheap chicken causes no problem.

        Another big culprit is sulphites (preservatives). I feel stupid and fall asleep very quickly, even if I am driving!

        • Hi Laurie,
          It’s been 3 years since your comment but I thought I’d reply anyway. How are you? Did you succeed in healing your leaky gut? I hope you did… I’d recommended cutting out wheat and sugar permanently. As for now I myself do have a leaky gut I’m pretty sure and I notice stuff like smoked salmon is hard on the stomach. Anything smoked, you should avoid I think. Canned fish isn’t the best, but not as bad as the smoked stuff… I’d also stay away from porc and dried fruits. You should look into histamine intolerance if you are still not feeling better, but I hope you are.

    • Hi Dianne, sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I too have just been diagnosed and am in the same boat as you. what are you doing to cure yourself? My nutricenist told me to focus on the my colon toxins first as they were the worst he has ever seen. This sucks so bad. I almost wish I had cancer cause then i could atleast eat. worst yet the damn doctors couldn’t find out why I was having pain after everything i ate so when they found out my gallbladder was functioning at 23% they yanked it, which in turn made my problems far worse. this is the first time I’ve ever posted to some message board but after feeling like I’m going to die for the last 6 months I’m at the end of my rope here. sorry to ramble on but dammit i hate this so bad, I miss my old self and my family, my kids are different than i last remember them 6 months ago. I can’t help but cry everytime i think about it. I feel as if I’m some kind of zombie that’s in crazy pain 24/7. I need help.

    • I can direct you to 2 sources for proper nutrients. 1st I reccommend watching “What the Health” available on Netflix. This will address the meat issue. 2nd you can watch Dr. Rhonda Patrick video on Smoothie#2 on Youtube. Those 2 sources should peak your interest and start you on your journey to better health!

      • Note: Going vegan is not recommended as we need essentials that come from animals like Amino Acids, however cutting back the red meat is a good idea.

  • Aaron. I have had issues with this but not as bad as you have apparantly. And you’re right, it does suck and I can’t imagine what you are going through. I have recently started the 80/10/10 diet. You should look into it. It’s based on eating a large amount of fruit. It has really helped my symptoms. They are non-existant most days and I have a sh*tload of energy ta boot.

    Something else that I discovered is I feel best when I try to keep my Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio within 2.5:1. If it gets much higher than that I start to feel crappy the following day. This makes sense since when this ratio gets out of whack it causes inflammation and that’s the culprit of leaky gut to begin with. Try to eat more salmon and chai seeds. Stay away from nuts and grainfed cattle and any kind of cooking oil.

    I hope this helps!!! No one should have to live like this.

  • Food that isn’t actual food (highly processed, fractional, and filled with additives that did not exist when we evolved), public water that contains intentionally added systemic poisons along with a while lot of pollution (where acceptable levels are set to mirror whatever was last measured) – these also contribute heavily. The gut is strongly likened to the lymphatic system – as the lymphatic system work works in tandem with the villi in the small intestine. Anything that affects the lymphatic system will effct the small intestine & the lymphatic system processes 90% of the liquid in the body (which of course continas a slurry of things that humans invented, and we did not evolved to cope with). A body that is past its maximum toxin body burden, will compromise the lymphatic system (which produces most of the immune system and part of out detoxification system as well).. Poison a person all the time, and as they age their fat cells fill up with things they cannot remove. Get too much of that and the liver gets weak, the body becomes obese to try and make more fat to store toxins in (which with al that High Fructose Corn Syrup will serious tip you toward diabetes)…soon the person has a compromised gut wall. They have has bloating and gas, perhaps constipation or the opposite. They burp and have flatulence…and they also tend to get a lot of upper respiratory problems (constant coughing, bronchitis, tonsillitis and strep). Now they have weaken immunity and a slower recovery time, and are now likely to catch everything that can infect them (like candida yeast and rickettsia) – things that normally can;t take hold on people easily. They become less tolerant to gluten, and to high sulfur crops like onions, garlic, cabbage and broccoli (because they detox people and give them a herxheimer reaction).

    From a traditional standpoint with wind up with a syndrome that started out external…and probably have weak kidneys (and spleen) with lowered chi. By now the disease process is firmly entrenched and hard to get rid of – and they are also courting other problems – from Multiple Chemical Sensivity to fatty liver disease, insulin tollerance, hypoglycemia, heart trouble (from stealth virus troubles)

    You can’t fix a leaky boat by drilling more holes in it which you fill up a few with bread crumbs. You need to stop the influx of toxins and repair the gut….& this means REAL food without the poisons added as a garnish (chemical pesticides, etc) , and avoidance of anything else that stresses the body is a good idea too.

    By this time the glutathion detox system is also in bad trouble, as is the level of NO in the system and cortisone. The gut is in such bad shape that vital amino acids (that support cell life) are not getting in. gone – the adrenal thyroid hypothalimus axis is probably hurt too.

    This is damage caused by a society that can sell anything – no matter how poisonous – as an everyday item. Perfume that has toluene (an octane booster and carcinogen) and food so poisonous that bees cannot live on the land where it was grown.

    If yo do well enough in business you an poison everyone on the planet without a day in jail…and a leaky gut is hard to fix – and quite impossible to fix if you don’t stop poisoning it.

    • I don’t know who you are Ken Linder but are you the smartest man alive? I don’t think I have ever read a more precise description of cause and affect relating to human health in our age. I love the way you laid it all out, like dominoes going down. What do you do? How can I have more such conversations with you?

    • Hi Ken,
      I read your post on leaky gut…I have systemic yeast infection and leaky gut. I am in my 3rd month of diflucan treatment. I am really suffering. How did you get rid of leaky gut???
      I would really appreciate your input on this.

      Thank you,


  • I have been diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome. I don’t seem to have many choices for food. All the things I like; almonds, eggs, yogurt, cheese, milk, bananas, pineapples, and much more. Then there are those my doctor is telling me not to eat for at least a month (this includes all fruits except lemon and lime, beef, pork, only ocean fish, and it goes on and on). I have a headache now. I always have a headache. I’ll have to go to Amazon to get things I can’t find in my local supermarket, Whole Foods or Nature’s Way store. They say there are over 800 veggies. Not available where I am. They should just ship me a package each week like that other diet on TV. Can’t remember the name. One of my many problems having leaky gut. I’ve been going to doctors for years and finally found out what I have. Good luck to you all!

  • Hi. i believe I have a leaky gut bc I normally feel fine UNTIL I eat. Thats when I’ll get brain fog, abdominal pain, joint/muscle pains, and sometimes even headaches. And its only with certain foods. So I’m now eating a low carb, low sugar diet… However the other day I woke up and I suddenly felt sooo horrible.. (It felt like what I would imagine is Hypoglycemia) BUT I’m not diabetic so… I think its bc of my low carb diet when I’ve always eaten soooo many carbs. I’m very very thin 5’2 and 98lbs… How can I gain weight and keep normal blood sugar levels with this diet? Tahnks!!!

  • Great article! I too had this issue. Five years ago I changed my diet to the Eat Right For Your Blood Type and it has done my mind and body wonders. I have to follow it strictly otherwise I can get all bloated and lymphs clogged. Best health wishes to you all!

  • He David you are really intelligent medical adviser. You explained LBS in such a manner if people follof wholeheartedly they will surely be cured. Side by side doing yoga will also help a lot.
    M k rao

  • This is probably the best health related information I have come across. My gastrologist and primary care doctors never mentioned this syndrome even though I have multiple health issues that fit perfectly in with the symptoms of leaky gut. Thanks for the most helpful enlightenment that will enable me to take steps to help myself naturally. Maybe I can eventually get off some of the prescribed meds I take for my issues.