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7 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Posture

For a peaceful mind and a healthy body, you shouldn’t overlook your bad body posture.

Your body posture have direct influence on your mind and body, and if not taken proper care of, can lead you to hazardous health problems. On the other hand, if you take good care of your body posture, you can minimize the chances of having headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain or back pain.

If you think you’ve a bad posture, and if you’re searching easy ways to improve it, then you’re at the right place. Today, we’ve come up with 7 ways that if followed correctly, will help you improve your bad posture.

Top 7 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Posture

1. Acknowledge You Have Poor Posture

If you don’t realize that you have a bad body posture, you can’t correct it. So, to find out if you have a bad posture, stand (naturally) in front of a mirror and have a look at yourself from all angles, more preferably from front, sides and back.

While viewing from the side, see if your head, back and hips are misaligned. Also, you’re not said to have a good posture if both your hands aren’t equally down, or if both of your hips aren’t at the same level. See if your shoulders aren’t properly back.

If you think you don’t fulfill any one or all of these criteria, you probably have a poor posture, which should be corrected before being victimized by any health problems.

2. Exercise Your Back

Long hours of sitting on a chair may cause the muscles in between the shoulders to stiffen. If you don’t put them into work at intervals, you may lose your posture, and will also result in unbearable shoulder pain.

To workout your shoulders, align both your arms in a horizontal position. Slowly bring your palms closer to your shoulders (by bending your elbow) until you feel a stretch on your back shoulder’s muscles. Hold this position for 10 seconds. Do this 10 times a day.

3. Support Your Spine

Lie down on your yoga mat by facing towards the ground, both your hands in front of your head, and your legs straight. Slowly, lift your left arm and your left leg at the same time. You must feel a stretch in your spine. Hold for 10 seconds, and by taking a 5-second break, do the same with your right arm and right leg.

Do this 8-10 times a day.

4. Make Your Core Strong

You can do specific exercises to strengthen your core.

One easy and effective exercise is the ‘plank.’ Take a press-up position by placing your elbows on the floor. Bring your feet together and hold a position where your head and spine are in proper alignment. Maintain this position for how long you can. Do this 7-8 times daily.

5. Sit Properly

desk posture

Sit on a chair in such a way that your back is perpendicular to the chair seat. That is, by pushing your bottom to the back of the chair and your back straight. Don’t sit heavily.

6. Sleep In A Better Position

Aim at maintaining the curve in your back while sleeping. Think of keeping a pillow under your knees, lumbar roll under your lower back or on your side while slightly bending your knees. Try not to bring your knees up to your chest: it may cause your back to strain.

7. Focus On Posture

Once you make a habit of keeping your body aligned, you’ll actually start enjoying it.So,do not lack focus. If you’ve started a posture corrective program, stick to it. A small portion of your busy schedule is the least your body wants from you.


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Paul Sabin

Paul Sabin is an expert doctor who has a vast expertise when it comes to excellent posture.

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  • I like your article but you didn mention posture tips for tall. Because as we age our spinal cord tend to deform naturally due to the weight of the upper body. do we have to follow the same steps? thank. Nice piece by the way

  • I always knew that exercise was beneficial but, I never realized how many aspects of life it can effect. Recently I thought about seeing a chiropractor to help me with my posture. I found out that there were some specific exercises that would help posture.Having good posture is important to me. I would love to have perfect posture and its probably going to take a lot of focus like you mentioned. Thanks for sharing these great tips.

  • Thanks for sharing these tips, but I would add 1 more tip which would be using posture braces for short term relief. I still think that regular exercise coupled with correct sitting position are critical to take care of one’s posture. Also would check a mattress firmness and pillow comfort. Both should not be either too soft or too hard. This are my two cents. I am no Doctor …so these are my own opinions

  • Thank you for your tips. I think it’s very important for me to gain my confidence. I have low self esteem due to bad posture. I will keep practising these until I get back my good posture. Thank you!

  • I have spinal stenosis- is this safe for me? My posture has been lacking from my medical condition as told by my primary care physician