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8 Ways To Stop Snoring Tonight

Is snoring keeping you from sleeping well at night? If you are fed up of the painful feeling of lethargy and sleepiness all through your active day hours, it is time you did something about your snoring.

Here are 7 tips that you can safely rely on for helping you switch your snoring off tonight.

1. Sleep On Your Side

If snoring has been keeping you from sleeping well for quite some time now and you are desperate for a good night’s sleep, the simplest and most effective remedy is to sleep on your side. Such a position doesn’t let your tongue fall back to the back wall of the throat which avoids the vibrating noise that would otherwise result.

If you tend to naturally adjust to the routine sleeping position of lying on your back, try placing a soft tennis ball inside your night shirt at the back so that sleeping on your back is encouraged.

2. Sleep With Your Upper Body Slightly Elevated

Sleep Slightly Elevated To Relieve Snoring

Here’s a very simple snoring relief tip that doesn’t even need you to purchase any medicine or anti snoring device. By elevating your upper body a little, you can promote a sleeping position that doesn’t encourage snoring.

It’s imperative that you manage to elevate a lot more than just your head. With just your head elevated, you will feel a lot of pain in your neck which will also be accompanied by difficulty in breathing. Keeping a few blocks under the top pair of you bed’s feet might also achieve the desired results.

3. Don’t Take Sleeping Pills or Drink Alcohol Before Bed

Have you been relying on alcohol or sleeping pills as a habit before sleeping?

Chances are that your sleepless nights are being caused by these. Intoxicants and sedatives relax your jaws and tongue, which can instigate snoring when you sleep.

Also, you expose yourself to severe cardiovascular risks if your snoring is also accompanied by sleep apnea. If you find it difficult to sleep without consuming sedatives or alcohol, it’s time to visit a doctor and have yourself thoroughly checked.

4. Control Your Allergies

It might not be obvious, but your allergies could well be the reason behind your incessant snoring. Respiratory allergies are bound to make you breathe through your mouth, which catalyzes snoring.

Consider having an antihistamine before retiring for sleep. Also, if you know that your nose is clogged up, it’s best that you use a humidifier or an over the counter saline spray to let air flow in and out freely.

5. Use A Mouth-Guard

You might want to check with your dentist for a recommended anti snoring mouth guard. Glenn from admits that such devices can keep the lower jaw from falling back and hence keep the mouth in a position that doesn’t let snoring occur.

Moreover, there are other kinds of oral devices that can help you get instant and assured relief from your snoring problems that make it tough for you to sleep properly. Glenn is a former snorer but he did some research, tried different options to get rid of snoring and now he is enjoying his healthy life.

6. Clear Blocked Nasal Passages

There are several people who experience snoring initiating from their noses. For them, a good night’s sleep is just a few steps away as they can rely upon tricks to clear the nasal passages out for great results.

By having a quick hot shower and rinsing the nose with saltwater rinse, patients can enjoy snoring free sleep. Moreover, they could also try out using a neti pot to get the blockages cleared using a salt water solution.

Apart from these, nasal strips could provide immediate relief from blocked nasal passage as well as the consequent snoring.

7. Replace Old Pillows and Mattresses

Allergens such as animal dander could well be hiding inside your pillows and mattresses. Regular dusting is a great hygienic practice as it clears out such allergens and hence prevents snoring that invariably results from the allergies that such allergens cause.

Keeping the pets out of the bedroom and ensuring that tour pillows are made to go through an air fluff cycle twice every month can also help out people who tend to observe more snoring while sleeping in their bedrooms than anywhere else.

8. Use Trusted Herbal Remedies

Fresh horseradish root, Echinacea angustifolia root, Fresh spilanthes herb, Elderberry, Garlic, Cayenne fruit, Olive leaf, Horehound herb, Licorice root, Peppermint oil, Boneset herb, Goldenseal root, Wild cherry bark, Fresh osha root, Andrographis herb, Onion and Yarrow herb have all been known to open the airways,ease snoring and improve sleep.

All that being said, SnoreX is a 100% safe, non-addictive, natural herbal remedy specially formulated to reduce snoring associated with sinus pressure and nasal congestion. SnoreX contains a selection of the aforementioned herbs known for their supportive role in safely and effectively opening the sinus passages.

In turn, SnoreX promotes easy breathing and reduces sinus pressure from congestion to allow for peaceful, rested sleep, without the risk of negative side effects.

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  • Great tips – but I found nasal strips did nothing for me. I finally found relief in an anti snoring mouthpiece – but hopefully others won’t have to go that far and can use this helpful tips to alleviate their snoring.

  • One can drop Two Drops Of Cow -Ghee or Mustard Oil before going to bed or can make it a usual practice to insert an oil moistened finger in the nostrils,after the bath.