Have you noticed the looks you get when you discuss alternative and complementary healing?
Even during the early years of Internet, the majority of health related forums, blogs and
websites were strictly about mainstream ideals.

WhyAmIUnhealthy.com is an unbiased online provider of superior natural health

I’m confident that you’ll find our information easily digestible and relevant.

My names David Aston and I created Why Am I Unhealthy.

Since I was a kid I’ve had an obsession with health and fitness and it would eventually
lead to the creation of this website.

Over the years, I’ve learned how to help ANYBODY naturally improve their sleep,
energy levels, physique and immune system.

In 2013, after years bulletproofing my own health, I moved to England to help a friend
of mine who was suffering from more health problems than most elderly men.

Before I got there, he actually wound up with CFS, IBS, Insomnia, low bodyweight
and glandular fever – he nearly died.

That said, within just 3 months time we were able to cure him 100% of all problems by
utilizing a certain type of lifestyle and eating plan. We were quickly able to enhance his
sleep, energy and immune system function.

The very first thing we did was focus on a diet consisting of strictly organic,
unprocessed foods. We made it a point to eat our food immediately after preparation to
ensure maximum nutrition.

We then focused on sleep – creating a new nightly habit of eating 2 kiwi, dimming
lights and reducing electronic use an hour before bed (to boost melatonin in the brain).

After just the very first night, he reported the most refreshing sleep he’d had in years.

Once we had the eating and sleeping habits down, I focused on the physical and
emotional aspects of great health. We created a set routine consisting of several specific

For example, we made it a point to walk each morning immediately upon waking
because this primes our body and mind for the day.

3 times per week, we’d visit the gym and perform full body workouts before getting
massages to promote healing. Twice per week we’d go to private yoga lessons.

We’d keep Saturday’s open with every other Sunday dedicated to a community
building experience that often consisted of airsoft in the woods or group hiking.

This healthy and active lifestyle worked wonders!

We cured his CFS, IBS, ACNE and low body weight naturally in just 3 months…
there was one other thing that we emphasized with great impact… laughter.

Each day we’d set aside 30 minutes to watch funny videos and engage in
spontaneous laughter. The feelings of calm and optimism that immediately followed
one of these laugh sessions was incredible.

The entire experience opened my eyes to the true power of our daily habits. There’s a
lot of misleading information and outright dangerous practices being promoted regarding
our food, health, and general outlooks on life.

It doesn’t matter how old or wealthy you are because we all have a right to thrive.

I’ve dedicated my life to understanding what it takes for human beings to do just that…
With thorough research and real world experience, I break down everything from adrenal
fatigue to perfect sleep – and anything in between.

I’m on a mission to cut through the BS surrounding the health, wellness and fitness
industries once and for all. I’ll continue seek out and research anything that develops and
enhances mind, body and spirit so I can continue to offer you; unbiased, real world
results and perspective.

Thomas Edison had it right when he said,

“the doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care
of the human frame and in the cause of and prevention of disease.”

Health by choice, not by chance.

-David Aston

Since launching Why Am I Unhealthy…

We’ve helped thousands world-wide improve their health, sleep and energy levels by completely dissecting human bodily functions, the importance of diet and effects of lifestyle.

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