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Acid Reflux – Tips to Reduce Acid in Your Diet

One of the many ways that you can live a healthier lifestyle is by significantly reducing the acid content in your body. Acid is corrosive in nature and builds up in our system, much like rust in water pipes. Reducing the amount of acid that enters out body as well as getting rid of what’s already there is a sure-fire way to get healthier.

There are many ways to decrease acid in your body; one of the most beneficial ways to do this is to increase the alkaline content that enters your system. This can be accomplished in a number of ways so we’ll look at this angle first.

Your diet has a major impact on you internally and this is one way that we can introduce more alkaline substances. By eating more food that contains alkaline you’ll experience diminished acidity and be that much closer to the healthy body you desire.

Vegetables are an immensely helpful food type for our bodies. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle you should be eating plenty of vegetables anyway. If you’re not though, and want to rid yourself of acid, then start eating much more of them right now.

The bitter taste of vegetables is one way that you can tell they’re high in alkaline.

Some of the most beneficial vegetables that you should consume are:

– Raw spinach acid-reflux-tips-to-reduce-acid-in-your-diet
– Asparagus
– Garlic
– Celery
– Lettuce
– Peppers
– Peas
– Broccoli

Obviously there are many more vegetables that you can introduce into your diet to experience reduced acidity. This list of high alkaline foods is a good starting point though and it’ll pay off to shape your daily meals around vegetables like this.

One way to improve a vegetable-based meal even further is to add spices to them. Not only will this help with flavour (not everyone can handle sprouts), but it’ll also help neutralise any excess acid that has entered your system. Curry, ginger, cinnamon and mustard are just some of the spices that you should think about adding to your diet.

You’ll probably be including some kind of meat product in your meal, many of these lead to acid production in your body. Why not eliminate excess amounts of meat (and acid) by focusing on a more protein driven diet?

Some alkalising sources of protein are:

– Fermented soy
– Nuts
– Squash and pumpkin seeds
– Eggs
– Sunflower and flax seeds

Using these as ingredients in your cooking as well as occasionally snacking on them will help greatly in your quest to increase alkaline and reduce acid content.

Another food type that you should pay much more attention to is fruits. Fruits are so important to the well-being of our bodies, yet they’re sadly pushed to the side in favour of products and snacks that contain high levels of sugar and acid.

Manipulating your diet to add more fruit will have great consequences on your internal systems and should greatly improve your alkaline levels and reduce those pesky acid levels.

Here are some fruits that you should think about consuming more often in your day-to-day life:

– Watermelon
– Cantaloupe
– Apple
– Peach
– Pear
– Pineapple

Once again, there are many more fruits that can benefit you and your body, as well as reduce acidity. This list is a good place to start though. Think about perhaps having a fruit-based desert after your healthy, vegetable-centered meal. Perhaps add some yoghurt to your desert, for the high protein-levels found in them?

There are some fruits out there that have a high acid content, but can actually help with your alkaline content. Citrus fruits, like lemons and oranges, contain acid. After being broken down by your body, however, they help to stimulate the production alkaline chemicals. This increase in production greatly outweighs any negative aspects experienced because of their acid content.

Manipulating your diet and introducing various new food types isn’t the only way you can reduce acid content in your body though. There are a wide selection of other processes you can think about taking part in to raise those alkaline levels and reduce acid waste.

An infrared sauna is recognised as one way to reduce metal toxins and chemicals from your body, as well as those despised acids. Researching this procedure before trying it out is advised as some people may not be entirely comfortable with it. It is, however, safe for sufferers of various chronic pains and ailments such as fibromyalgia and migraines etc.

Another method to increase alkaline levels in your system is something very simple but effective. Changing the type of water you drink could have numerous positive effects on your body. Ionized water can help to stop acid building up inside of you and is another angle worth investigating.

If you’re serious about removing the acid content from your body you should definitely pay attention to all of these tips that we’ve went over. Especially if you want to increase your healthiness at the same time.

Changing your diet to revolve around the food types mentioned could seem like a huge undertaking. There are many books and pieces of literature that can help you in your journey though. There are even heaps of helpful guides (such as this one) around the internet. These are sure to provide you with a mass of information to sift through.

Even if you consider it a behemoth task you should still try to accommodate some of these food types in your diet. You’ll notice the benefits almost instantaneously and will probably experience many more advantages than just reducing acid in your body.

Your diet is something that should be planned and thought out. People gain weight and live unhealthily because they pay little or no attention to what they consume during the day. Don’t just eat food on a whim, check out what you’re putting into your body and you’ll notice just how bad some products are for you.

Hopefully these tips will help you reduce the acid in your diet and increase alkaline. A healthy balance is something that everyone should strive for.

Best of luck.

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