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Are the foods you’re eating making you feel sick?

Hello all wellness seekers! I truly hope today is going well for all of you. If your days haven’t been so great lately, don’t worry; we’re on the right path. I promise! I truly hope to assist you in limiting these bad days as best as I can. So with that being said, today I want to give you some tips that can help in getting you to this point. It’s time that we really look into that diet of yours! Because one thing I find very troubling is how most people are overlooking diet quality, and that definitely needs to change.

Your food choices could be making you sick!

I know that this sounds kind of crazy, but it’s absolutely true! What I have discovered over the past few years with people is that, in many cases, the foods they’re choosing to eat are fueling their health conditions! What most people tend to forget is that food can be extremely powerful. Now this goes both ways. Powerful in the sense that it can build health, but equally destructive on the other end.

What I always like to discuss with clients, and people in general, is how we (humans) are all genetically different from one another. Now I bring this up for a very specific reason. It’s because our genetics differentiate us from one another on many levels. This applies to health on a level that is rarely discussed as well. The truth is that some are just simply set-up to handle diseases and issues (like aging) better than others.

I know a young guy who eats fast food about 4 times per week and feels generally great overall. Not only that, he looks good, and still has the energy to workout on a regular basis. This is a perfect example of how his genetics are constructed in such a way that allows him to deal with these issues efficiently. If only we were all built like this.

We’re all different!

You see, your personalized genetic profile is like a fingerprint. It’s not like anybody else’s. Because of this individuality, you’re are-your-foods-making-you-sickgoing to react differently to substances (like foods) than everybody else. This is why some can eat fast food 4 times a week and still have a six-pack…So jealous of these people!

The A/B Comparison

So we have two people: person (A) and person (B). One is able to handle carrots relatively well, while the other is not. This food, although considered healthy to a lot of people, can actually do a lot of damage to those who are not built to process it. In other words, one man’s (or woman’s) preferable food, could possibly be another’s poison. And yes, carrots are a prime example of this. I personally know clients that experience severe inflammation after eating carrots. Pretty crazy to say the least. 

Now, even if this carrot was of the best organic quality possible, it’s still going to hinder that person’s body in some way, shape, or form. This is because he/she is simply not built to handle and process that specific food. And if eaten, a barrage of negative effects will shortly follow. And to note, this is just a carrot I’m talking about here, this concept applies to SO much more within food and medicine. So what should you do?

Something that everybody on this planet should do

So you’re trying to get in shape and/or maybe rid your system of some debilitating ailments, that’s good. But are you really taking all of the necessary precautions here? The main question here has to do with IF you’ve fully assessed your food sensitivities, because we all have them to some degree. Fully knowing these sensitivities is the key here. And there’s an awesome way to figure it all out.

The MRT (Mediator Release Test)

Ohhhhh how important this test is! If only more people were aware of the benefits associated with its use! What I often do is require that all clients run this extremely vital lab, because it has helped SO many people! So what does it do exactly? Good question, let’s take a look into all of that below.

What this test looks for:

Well, to be honest, it looks for a lot! And the main thing to glance at here is when a person decides to go through with this test; it means that they’re ready and willing to cut out a lot from their diet. The people I’ve come across who decide to go forth with this lab, usually have a decent amount of things going on.

Common disorders tied in with food reactions:


• IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)


• Eczema

• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

• Celiac Disease

• Migraines

• Fibromyalgia

• RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis)


So do you suffer from any of these? Well if you do, I’d strongly suggest running this exact lab. Time after time, people have been able to rid their body of crazy and debilitating symptoms by utilizing these procedures. I know it sounds crazy, and I know that you’ve probably been told differently, but this is all very important stuff to know. For some odd reason, such procedures are not widely discussed amongst the medical and health community.

Yes, this is a blood test

Basically, if you decide to proceed with this exact plan of action, you’ll be sent a kit in the mail that you have to take to a certified blood draw clinic. In many cases, some clients just go to the closest hospital and it’s all done relatively fast. After doing so, you wait. Not too long though, but it may be a couple weeks or so.

Once the assessor gets the results, you’re contacted and the findings are discussed in great detail. And let me just say, this is such an awakening process for so many people! Many find that they’ve been eating incorrectly for a long time! But when the changes and suggestions are implemented, it’s like a huge weight had been lifted off their back. Pretty cool, and very encouraging. But this all goes much deeper…

Check out the reaction levels this person discovered below!

Metabolic assessing

So, you’ve taken the MRT and have learned A LOT about what you can and cannot eat, that’s great! Now you’re really making some progress! But you know what, you’re not finished yet. We can take all of this even further! What I’m talking about is truly assessing your metabolic type.

As with the foods we’re pre-programmed to handle, the amounts and types should also be calculated. I’m talking about your macronutrient ratios! Proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

The thing to realize here is that we’re all grouped into roughly three basic categories: fast oxidizers, slow oxidizers, and mixed types. Protein types need to eat more proteins and fats, carb-types do better on carb rich diets (from veggies preferable), and a mixed-type is kind of like a combo deal.

So, you want to figure this stuff out, right? Ok, well it’s pretty basic. You can actually do your assessment profile online. It’s about 40 bucks (depending on where you go). And trust me when I say this procedure can give you a wealth of information. I strongly recommend doing this!

But what if I don’t want to do any of that stuff?

First off, if you’re dealing with any type of chronic condition, I’m pretty sure you would be willing to do almost ANYTHING in order to eradicate this problem fully. But if this all sounds like too much to handle right now, I have some options for you. Check it out below:


  • Avoid the processed food selections at all costs. Stick to eating REAL and organic foods. Just by doing this, you’ll be taking your health to a whole new level.


  • Really cut your sugar intake. Sugar is tied-in with some pretty horrific conditions. Check it out here if you don’t believe me. One thing most health professionals forget to tell their clients is how detrimental sugar is to the body. Once you start reading your labels more often (if you’re not already), you will see what I’m talking about here. Very shocking to say the least!


  • Cutting sugar also means cutting out the bad beverages. If you can stick to JUST drinking water, you’ll be feeling a lot better. I began implementing the water trick about 4 years ago and feel SO MUCH BETTER! Think about it, the body is composed of nearly 100 trillion cells (give or take), and these cells need water, not soda, juice, or items of that nature. It’s all about the water! Keep your cells hydrated so you can keep your body healthy.


  • Take a spoonful of organic, cold-pressed, raw coconut oil everyday. I know this sounds quite horrific, but trust me, it’s really not. Yea, at first, it’s a little slimy and weird tasting, but this is one little technique that is loaded with endless and very positive outcomes. I’ve been preaching the benefits of coconut oil for a long time now and I’m so glad it’s finally catching on to the public. Many large chain stores are starting to carry this stuff, and it’s great!! Check out this link and this link if you want the low-down on coconut oil. Trust me, you should read this.


  • The last and final tip is to move your body a little bit everyday. Even if it means a quick walk around the block, anything is better than nothing! Just get out into the world and move that beautiful body of yours. It’s exactly what it’s engineered to do!


So, although these tips are pretty basic, they’re totally worth sticking to. What I find very crazy is how little changes, like these, can lead to extremely life changing situations. I can honestly say that because I’ve implemented these tips (along with many others), I have changed my health for the better. And isn’t that what we all want in the end anyway?

Health doesn’t have to be something that is insanely hard to grab ahold of; it’s actually quite the opposite. Through the years, we have been brainwashed into thinking that true health lies within the many fads that come and go, and this is sad.

You see, for years we have been sold lies and fake ways of improving health. During these fads and so-called “miracle procedures,” we have stepped further and further away from where health truly lies. It’s not about a quick fix, or some type of magic pill, it’s about lifestyle awareness…that’s it! If you can be more aware of how you’re living, then you can take control of what’s rightfully yours: your health!

So your homework is to step back and accurately assess the means and ways by which you live. Are you doing it correctly, or are you just following what the masses are doing. Because I’ll tell you right now, most of the population is lost with this subject. And all of that definitely needs to and will change.

Thanks for tuning in once again. Until next time, be well.


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