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Boosting Your Natural Testosterone Production

Testosterone is a valuable commodity, one that some people seem to brush off as bio-babble or just ‘gym talk’. For men though, the levels of testosterone in your system matter immensely. On average a male can expect to find somewhere between 350 and 1,000 nanograms per decilitre (ng/dl) in their bloodstream.

Once you reach 40 the numbers start to drop and you’ll lose roughly 1% of your testosterone every single year. You might be wandering why exactly this is so important – 1% is nothing, right? Unfortunately, in the grand scheme of things, that measly 1% can matter an awful lot.

Low testosterone levels in later years can lead to some really bad situations ; muscle loss, brittle bones and obesity being just a few of the aspects that low testosterone can cause. In certain cases really low testosterone can contribute to really big problems, such as heart attacks.

A more pressing matter to some males might be the fact that low testosterone levels can cause erectile dysfunctions!

To combat these low testosterone levels in later years why not start working on it now? You might not think that it’ll affect you but you can never be too careful.

1. Lose Weight, Carefully

One reason that some men have too little testosterone in their bloodstream is because of excess fat they’re carrying. Having a little junk in your trunk ain’t too bad but if you’re guts starting to grow as you get older you’re in danger of experiencing elevated estrogen levels.

This can effectively cause your testosterone levels to plummet, something that you don’t want to happen. Be careful if you’re planning on working out and boosting up your testosterone though. Losing too much weight in one go by simply not eating as much can have a bad effect as well.

You might trick your brain into thinking that your starving to death, this causes testosterone production to cease as your body is figuring out how it can survive the famine you’re surely experiencing.

Take care with what diets you choose to participate in as sometimes a high-protein diet and low-carbohydrate diet can have undesirable affects on your testosterone production as well.

2. Gettin’ Jiggy Wit’ It

After all of that depressing talk about diets and losing weight it’s a good job that we’ve stuck a reasonable request in here. Simply having an erection can cause your testosterone levels to rise significantly.

Apparently you’ll experience the benefits more so in the morning. So take a leaf out of your significant other’s book and feign a headache the night before. Morning sex is going to be all the more better for you in the long run. Show them this site if they don’t believe you!

3. Go Hard or Go Home

Exercising harder is going to have a phenomenal effect on your testosterone levels. Next time you’re at the gym try working more on compound exercises that toughen up larger groups of muscles. Scientific studies have shown that these types of exercises produce much more testosterone than simpler exercises.

You’ll experience much greater boosts in testosterone if you push yourself to the limit. Instead of trying to get ripped lifting dozens of reps of lighter weights find a large weight that you can lift 5 times. Pushing yourself and lifting a weight that you can barely manage on the 5th repetition will see much higher levels of testosterone production.

Instead of just doing one or two sets of these lifts, try out three. Take a minute break or so between sets and really raise those testosterone levels by managing to squeeze in a third one. You’ll definitely feel the benefits.


4. Do Take it Easy Though, All Work and No Play ETC

Take care not to over-train, this can also have negative effects. It might seem like this article is riddled with contradictory statements but the key is to maintain a balance. Skirting each extreme and staying on the straight and narrow is the aim of the game.

Pushing yourself too hard and not allowing yourself to rest adequately can cause your testosterone levels to plunge massively. Get your recommended eight hours a night.
Whilst you’re resting why not eat a little fatty food? Once again, this might sound contradictory but having a diet that consists of 30% fat (whilst still staying in shape) is the best way to increase testosterone production and stop it from dropping.

Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can result in lower levels as well, so just to be safe try not to binge if at all possible. Maybe just call it a night after 3 drinks or so, be the good guy and stay sober, drive your friends home.


Hopefully this has been a good guide to keeping those testosterone levels up high and not letting them drop. There are plenty of benefits to high testosterone levels and unfortunately a lot of disadvantages to having lower ones.

There are plenty more ways to naturally boost your testosterone, so watch out in the future as we may post a follow-up piece detailing a few more ways for you to stay out of trouble

Keep on working out into your old age and you’re sure to avoid the worst of the disadvantages though (as well as maintaining control over what’s in your pants)!

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  • Thank you for this great insight. I really want to be healthy again, I want to be fit like the old days. I get weary in short of time doing chores.

  • Testosterone has more power and influence in our body than we may think. And no wonder – from boosting and increasing our muscle to burning fat, up to improved mood, increased libido, better sleep, more energy, improved overall health and so on. We have to face the fact, that after hitting that 30 age mark, our testosterone levels decline. We must adapt this and find different solutions how to keep our testosterone levels as high as possible. Naturally, unnaturally – it is up to you. But one thing is for sure – it is easy to do it and market offers different kinds of supplements, as well as natural ingredients.

    So follow this recipe and you will not have to worry that your testosterone levels are decreasing:

    Eat more fat;
    Get more sleep;
    Consume more zinc, tribulus terrestris and fenugreek;
    Shorten your workouts and rest periods;