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We love hearing from you! That being said, we get thousands of emails weekly and while read read each and every email, it is simply not feasible for us to answer them all. Ultimately it’s entirely up to YOU whether or not you get a response. 

We ask that you do not contact us regarding the following:

  • We don’t publish press releases
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  • We won’t be promoting your product launch
  • We will not be using your new “miracle” supplement

We do take really awesome questions every so often and post them on the site. So, if you think you have a great question and you decide to send me an email, make sure you put in the Subject Line: Blog Question For David


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We want you to get involved! The comments section of each post is how I interact with you as my reader. It gives me great feedback, allows us to find out what YOU want to hear about, and it’s the best way to get involved with the Why Am I Unhealthy community.


We firmly stand by our promise to refund any unhappy customer within 60 days of purchase, no questions asked. We usually refund customers within hours of receiving their request, however, we ask for 2 working days.

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We are based in Sacramento, California. Support is managed 9am – 5pm PDT, 5 days a week. However we often can be found reading support emails outside of these hours.

I Haven’t Heard Back From You

We read ALL emails and every CUSTOMER email is replied to. If your submission has not been replied to please assume that there is simply a high volume of emails and that you will be replied to ASAP.

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If you need to contact us regarding anything to do with WhyAmIUnhealthy or the improvement of your Health, Sleep & Energy, please fill out the form below:
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