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Dio Vujich Interview – How To Dominate Any Challenge

Interview with DVRT Master Instructor and Trainer Dio Vujich.

When did you first become a DVRT Instructor and why was integrative health and fitness
appealing to you?

DVRT stands for Dynamic Variable Resistance Training which is the education and training system for Ultimate Sandbags. 

I began using the Ultimate Sandbags with my personal training clients 3 years ago in cardio strength training circuits and was so impressed with the results that they were rapidly getting that I pursued my education with DVRT and this is my 2nd year as a DVRT Master Instructor.

What I love best about integrating exercise, nutrition and coaching clients on creating successful daily habits is that it affects their life’s big picture in a way that is positive as well as sustainable.

How many days per week do you spend training?

I usually train 6 days per week doing both Online and Offline Training. 

Semi-Private Groups-

I train semi-private groups which allow me to create a results getting experience for the clients where exercise form, regressions and progressions can be taught in a way that educates the client on what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and how it applies to their life outside of the workouts.

Online Coaching-

I have Coaching Clients that I train one on one through Skype where I actually coach them through their entire workout, diet and mindset for success. It’s an incredibly detailed experience where as a Coach I am there to help the client win in their Game of Life. This is an incredibly rewarding experience for clients as they overcome self-imposed limitations. It’s also rewarding for me because I get to be part of changing someone’s life and share their moment of victory with them as it happens.

Online Transformation Challenges-

I also have Transformation Challenge training programs that allow me to create a community of positive, supportive people that are focused on getting results and improving their quality of life.

Accountability and support are a big part of all of my programs.

I coach my clients in a way that helps them overcome challenges and discover greatness within themselves as they do the things they’ve never done to get the results they’ve never had. 

Some of my clients have successfully lost over 70 pounds of unwanted body fat their first year of training with me. 

*Useful info box, one word answers are fine:*

*Book You’re Currently Reading?

Do The Work by Steve Pressfield

*Best Health Purchase?

Gym Boss Timer App on my iPhone.

*Favorite Health Resource?

Anatomy In Motion

*Biggest Inspiration?

All of my friends that have survived cancer in 2014.

*Favorite Health Website?


*1. What inspired you to involve yourself with the natural health and fitness
community and how do you stay on top of the all the new information
that’s always coming out?

The fitness industry is rapidly evolving and I am evolving with it.

*2. Comparing your health now to what it was let’s say 10 years ago,
what’s been the main thing that’s allowed you to improve yourself and

Training smart has allowed me to continue training hard and seeing results. I love it!

*3. What’s the most important daily habit you follow to ensure optimum
health, why do you think this is and how can others integrate it into
their lifestyle?

Start the day with Gratitude.

*4. What does a healthy day in the life of Dio look like? (Do you wake
up early, walk in the mornings, start your day with water before yoga
followed by work and research, set eating times, dim lights an hour
before bed, certain herbs and supplements throughout the day,

*5. When did you realize you could become healthier with Dynamic Variable
Resistance Training? And how did you feel?

I was born with scoliosis (which is a curvature of the spine). When I switched from sitting on machines for my workouts to using Ultimate Sandbags I noticed a changed in functional strength, endurance, body composition and core. I live a life that is pain free.

*6. What should other alternative fitness and natural health seekers reading
this be focusing on to improve and expand their own health?

Create successful daily habits that improve your quality of life.

*7. What do you think the main difference is between people who are
habitually healthy as opposed to those that are unhealthy?
The mindset for creating successful daily habits. Remember, if it was easy it wouldn’t be worth it.

*8. What’s your #1 Health Tip?

Focus on quality of movement because that directly affects your quality of life.

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