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11 Tips To Eliminate Work Stress

Stress in the workplace or due to it is a commonplace symptom. All of us go through it in some regard, and it often translates to higher blood pressure, irritability, anxiety, cholesterol or headaches. In severe cases though, it can also lead to heart diseases and other debilitating illness.

Most forms of stress, however, can be avoided by following some very useful and very basic tips which are ingrained in work, diet and sleeping habits.

11 Tips To Eliminate Work Stress

#1 Get Proper Sleep

Sleep better

This is the most obvious tip really. Insomnia and overnight working have become all too common. Not just panicking teenagers, but working adults follow this too… just to get work-related projects or assignments done. The problem is that your body needs sleep to build itself up and a lack of it constitutes several problems such as high blood pressure and even stroke.

A proper routine in which you get 7.5 – 9 hours of sleep is one that will best serve most humans. Even if you do work the odd timed jobs, make some time for shut eye. Your body needs it.

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#2 Create Work Life Balance

Sure, staying late at the office definitely makes you look dedicated but it also takes a lot out of you and leaves you with no time for family or yourself. You cannot enjoy life via work alone. A balanced work life keeps you refreshed and wards off fatigue. Excess of anything builds up exasperation and frustration. Work hard, but play hard as well, your body and mind need an equal dose.

Work to live, do not live to work.

#3 Maintain A Good Diet

For some reason, people OFTEN neglect their nutrition whilst at work. Either they prefer fast “food” or no food at all. Eating habits have a major impact on our stress levels. And a moderate amount of nutrient intake at lunch actually helps you sustain your energy levels and prevent fatigue. So if you avoid lunch in an attempt to work diligently, you could work a lot more effectively after a quick bite.

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#4 Exercise Daily

Your job may usually require you around a desk from 9 to 5. And you are understandably tired after that, but your body also needs exercise. Sports and exercise go wonderfully in offering a break and relieving us of stress. Try jogging if you are not looking for anything too strenuous. A good thirty minutes before work, ensures a good appetite, a sound body and a fresh mind. As anxiety and stress comes up with physical pains, exercise is important. 

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#5 Get To Work Earlier

You can always leave work a little early, but never arrive late. Not only does it give a bad impression, it also leaves you haphazard and frustrated. Of course, unforeseen circumstances can occur at anytime, but make sure these are the only (rare) cases in which you’re late. Punctuality matters.

#6 Interact With Your Coworkers

Tech Savvy Employees

Your colleagues are important. Not only do you build up your team skills by communicating with them, but you also stay relatively upbeat. A healthy exchange of ideas, light hearted conversation or humour is enough to liven up the mood of any workplace. A lightened mood helps for a healthy environment to work in.

#7 Share responsibility With Your Team

If you have been given a project as a part of a team then you need to learn to divide the work responsibilities. Crowding all the work on yourself is not only poor management, it also adds a Herculean effort on yourself. All of that leads to fatigue, pile up of work and frustration. Team assignments are meant for teams- divide and conquer; that is the theme for success.

#8 Don’t Dwell On Competition

Yes, it is healthy to strive to be a more efficient worker. However it’s also unhealthy if you’re only looking over your shoulder to see who’s doing better or worse than you. Keep your skills well defined and polish them regularly within your own projects.

#9 Resolve Conflict Immediately

Workplace arguments or conflicts aren’t uncommon. They happen for various reasons but can definitely seem serious at times. If you’re involved in such a situation, then always keep your own statements free of emotional outburst. Listen to understand, do not listen to respond. Outbursts not only hurt your professional repertoire, they also break you down mentally and take you into a state of second guessing and frustration.

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#10 Ask For Advice

Managers aren’t there just to push you around, but also to offer assistance and insight. Many people associate fear with their managers and seldom consult them to clear task related confusions. Not only does the indecisiveness over a task give rise to frustration, an incorrect execution may also earn criticism from colleagues which may negatively affect your mental state.

#11 Enjoy Your Work

If you are working merely to pass off the time, then you will automatically feel more fatigued. Learn to love what you do, or simply pick something you love doing. No point in earning all the cash in the world if a major chunk of your day is spent in you looking at the clock.

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