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10 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Workout


Working out your body brings with it the rewards of a stronger, healthier, and happier you.

Trimming the fat, gearing up for some high energy sports activities, and reaching or maintaining general well-being are all among the goals of those who work out.

Disease, depression, and laziness are better averted by physical activity than by any drug known to man- so much so that many health care experts dub exercise “the miracle drug” or “the wonder drug.”

Every body is different, and thus exercisers should look for a custom workout plan that works out for them. But all can benefit from certain basic tactics to improve their workout procedures.

Additionally, in our modern age, the internet can come to rescue even in this area by giving them access to an online personal trainer who can help them learn to exercise smart.

10 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Workout

Each individual will need a custom workout plan that fits them, and every may not prefer the same online personal trainer, but there are at least 10 basic principles that all can follow and benefit from. The details of when, where, and exactly how one exercises will of necessity vary considerably, but doing these 10 things can make everyone’s workout safer, more effective, and more enjoyable.

#1. Warm Up

It does not do a body good to begin exercising abruptly. Warm up first by stretches, jumping jacks, or anything to get your blood moving. The same goes for ending abruptly- avoid it. Give yourself time to cool down by taking a short walk and breathing evenly. Your body needs time to adjust itself for strenuous activity and to re-adjust afterwards.

Warm Up

#2. Create A Plan

Figure out an exercise plan customized to your needs and goals, and then basically stick with it. Get into a routine. Once you form a habit, you will find it easier to keep on going. They say it takes 30 days to form a habit, so try extra hard to follow the plan you or your personal online trainer have devised for that initial period.

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#3. Push Yourself

Push yourself a little, just beyond the point of weariness. To grow better at a anything, including physical exercise, you must push yourself past where you now stand. Do not, however, push yourself too far all in one jump, or you could hurt yourself or depress yourself by failure.

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#4. Create Balance

Have a balanced customized exercise workout plan. Do something for every part of the body. You don’t want to have the world’s strongest legs but be unable to lift a ten pound weight. A caricature is a representation of a person that exaggerates some features only, say a nose, and results in a distorted, unnatural picture. You don’t want to become like a caricature in regard to health and fitness. Keep it balanced.


#5. Highlight Your Problem Areas & Make Them Strengths

To balance the last point about balance, let it be said that one needs to target with extra emphasis particular problem areas even while keeping a whole-body workout program. If your upper chest needs work, put a little extra time into incline bench presses. If you think your arms are a too weak, do more push ups than you would otherwise do. Just don’t neglect all the other body areas, muscle groups, and body systems in order to get that extra targeted work.


highlight problem areas

#6. Keep Count

Counting reps, and noting each small move you must make to do a properly formed exercise keeps you concentrating on the task. Along with that- set number goals. As you count up to your goal, you will be much more likely to keep going than if you sort of just stop when you feel a little tired not even knowing how many reps you did.


#7. Get An Exercise Mat

It is very stressful on your body to even stand long periods, much less to do a customized exercise workout on a hard surface like wood, concrete, or tile. Public malls and retail stores, and even horse stalls, are all moving toward rubber flooring these days to absorb foot-shock and stress. But nowhere is a rubber or foam surface more important than in a gym, exercise room, or weight lifting room.


#8. Get Advice & Feedback

Get advice from an personal online trainer or someone with a lot of workout experience as to the best way exactly to do each particular exercise. A wrongly done exercise can actually do more harm than good.


#9. Know Your Limitations

Some people have the bodies and psychological makeup to be Olympic marathon runners, others to be great sprinters, others to bench press large loads. Some of us have different areas of talent, but still want to be healthy and fit. Don’t assume you can’t be great with practice, but you may never be the “rambo” of the exercise world. Accept that. Then be the very best you can be. Overdoing it can potentially be harmful to your body.


#10. Emphasize Rest

Rest and relaxation are an integral part of your customized workout. When the body is tired out or muscles are torn up from lifting, time to recover is essential before a new round begun. Without proper rest, the chances having a stroke or a circulation problem is significantly increased. Going at it too long without relief can even cause your heart to be thrown off its normal rhythm patterns, and as you can probably guess, that is not a good thing.


All the foregoing advice can improve any custom workout plan by providing a structural framework within which to place particular exercises. Look for an online trainer to personally help you with the details of the exact movements to make and the speed to make them at for this exercise and that, and for information about how each exercise helps one area or another of your body’s life system. Such trainers can offer scientific background to the workout advice they will give as well as talk from experience. They will have additional general framework principles along with the minutia to explain to you and to show you by actually doing it on the screen in front of you.


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