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Joe Cohen Interview, How To Be Superhuman

Joe Cohen, founder of is a nutritional consultant by day  – “biohacker” by night; and he’s fed up with the dogma and quackery in the health sphere.

Joe was never very healthy growing up and reports having physical, mental and academic problems. He always felt he should be performing better and even made it a point to try and eat “healthy” as possible to no avail.

He wanted to improve himself so he started reading all the popular health blogs, which just led him astray… “most of those peak performance websites actually made my health worse,” says Joe.

Luckily he’s a determined guy and continued experimenting with every diet possible in order to clear brain fog, optimize performance, look good and feel great!


One by one, he tried every popular low-carb diet you could think of, including Paleo… But again, his health got worse.

At this point, Joe says, ” I quit messin around and started to really do my own research, getting down to the actual science of it all, without the marketing bias.”

Most people only try a couple diets at most before they start touting them as the next best thing. Not Joe, he’s tried many and done the research, leading him to realize that there’s no ideal diet as everybody is different.

After a just couple conversations with Joe it became evident to me that I was gluten intolerant… He pointed out that we didn’t evolve for our gut to handle the current stressors that we expose it to.

For example, our current environment of chronic stress, sleep deprivation, environmental toxins, antibiotics, excessive alcohol consumption, excessive intake of caffeine and xanthines from chocolate, lack of or more limited breast feeding, not sprouting our foods(so we are getting more lectins), an overly hygienic environment and most importantly a bad diet loaded with sugar and without sufficient prebiotics and probiotics have caused our gut to not fully develop and function optimally as it may have once upon a time.

These are probably only some of the causes. And it doesn’t matter if we’re talking white pasta, whole wheat, multi-grain bread, or even cheerios… Accordingly, many people’s gut can’t handle casein, either.

Other than helping you lose weight quickly, removing grains for most people tends to reduce the irritation  and thus potential inflammation caused by gluten (an often problematic protein found in grains).

I noticed that I never had any issues after eating sourdough bread, and he explained to me that this was a common observation among Celiacs, as sourdough is fermented, which breaks down the gluten. Sourdough bread tends to be the “go-to” choice for gluten sensitive individuals who happen to love bread.

Personally, can’t get enough of Organic spelt sourdough bread (thanks for the tip Joe) and before I forget, here’s a delicious homemade recipe for spelt sourdough bread ->…

Joe says that a resistant starch based diet tends to be ideal for most people especially those of you that find you have sensitivities to grains or any other proteins found in grains. If that’s the case, you may want to stick with; Japanese sweet potatoes, regular sweet potatoes, cooled regular potatoes, brown rice, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, millet, legumes, nuts, seeds, most veggies and some fruits.

It’s Joe’s overarching philosophy to simplify and achieve more with less that immediately stood out to me. His personal experiences allow him to achieve and excel as he’s tried nearly “EVERYTHING” to improve his health; From deer antler velvet to apple polyphenols and every popular mainstream diet and lifestyle touted between.

I’m thankful for people like Joe, who are willing to be their own guinea pigs in order to help others maximize their potential; Which is why I’m stoked he’s agreed to an interview.

Health by choice, not by chance.

-David Aston

7 Quick Takeaways From This Interview:

  • Chronic inflammation is common and known to be the source of most chronic illness.
  • It’s crucial to identify food sensitivities in order to thrive.
  • Much of the information available on the health blog-sphere can actually be dangerous.
  • Low-carb diets may be popular but they often lead to other health issues.
  • Cronometer is a good resource for identifying nutrient deficiencies. 
  • Diet is the foundation of good health, followed by lifestyle and exercise.
  • Zinc Glyconate is great for brain health and gut permeability.

Joe’s Number 1 Health Tip

Remain active in mind, body and spirit. If you’re not moving and using your brain, you’re just going to decay.”

Joe Cohen Interview, How To Be Superhuman

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