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Jared Enderton – Life Training From A Professional Weightlifter

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing my friend Jared Enderton for a while now and he’s truly a standup guy.

Not only is he a great trainer, athlete and coach, he’s also a 2016 Olympic hopeful in the sport of powerlifting.

Jared has been involved in athletics all his life. As a high school wrestler in Iowa he won a state title and even earned All-American honors.

To be fair, he’s quite a beast. This is precisely why he’s now training with the likes of Jon North and Travis Mash and regularly featured on the popular podcast, Weightlifting Talk.”

After high school, Jared completed his B.A. in Exercise Science at the University of Northern Iowa and has since published over 200 nutrition and fitness articles on various respected health and fitness outlets including

Jared Enderton – Training For Life With A Professional Weighlifter

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 Jared Enderton Olympic Weightlifter If you have the pleasure of meeting Jared, it becomes clear, very quickly that he’s extremely passionate about what he does, and the only thing matching his passion for lifting heavy thing, is his vast, yet applicable health and fitness knowledge.

Jared knows the importance of getting the protein his muscles need, and PlantFusion is some of the best stuff available.


Jared’s numerous certifications include: B.A. in Exercise Science, American Council on Exercise (ACE), Crossfit Level 1 (CF-L1), and USA Weightlifting Sports Performance (USAW-L1). He also qualified for the 2011 World University Games in China.

Jared travels all across the country teaching weightlifting seminars (Enderton Strength Seminars) and in February of 2013 Jared moved to train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. He was living at the facility until he had to move out due to an unnexected hip surgery…

The crazy thing is, the surgery happened less than 6 months ago and he’s already training, coaching and preparing for some major upcoming events…

Jared is currently training utilizing a style similar to the “Smolov Jr. technique,”  which utilizes high volume Monday (6/6 aka six sets of six), Wenesday (7/5), Friday (8/4)  and Saturday (10/3).

Here are 7 notable takeaways:

1. The mind is the main component of fitness and recovery.

2. Bad habits often lead to injury and illness even for professional athletes.

3. Protein synthesis is critical for recovery and muscular development. Best way to enhance your protein synthesis is adequate hydration. Best way to stay adequately hydrated is by drinking before you’re thirsty. 

4.  Volume training is fantastic for improving 1 rep max. It’s important to form a solid base of strength.

5. Carb back-loading is a great way to get insulin sensitivity in control. 

6. Jared’s olympic training routine, post hip surgery is 1.5hours of light work in the mornings, with 1 “BIG” heavy session in the afternoon with cardio at night after the last heavy session.

7. Dynamic stretches are important to utilize pre-workout while light static stretches are ideal post workout.

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 Jared’s Number 1 Health Tip

“Get physical exercise at least 5 times a week and keep it fresh.” In order to be truly health you must remain consistent with your physical exercise just as you should with your nutrition and the only way to do this is by making it enjoyable for yourself. ~Jared Enderton

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