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Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors

Hey everybody! Hope all is well. I have some good information for you today, so let’s jump right into it, shall we? To sum it up, I’ll just say that we have a MAJOR health problem on our hands, and it need’s to be discussed! So if you’re on that quest to feel better, you definitely should read this.

Sick, fat and out of shape

Yea, that sounds about right! The words “sick, fat, and out of shape” are synonymous with how most people are living today. And that’s the sad truth. You see, during the past 100 or so years, these conditions have gotten worse, and researchers, health professionals, and those alike have a term for the many who are suffering from such ailments. It’s called Metabolic Syndrome, and it’s becoming more and more of a problem. What I find troubling is how very few know about this; yet, so many are affected by it…

What is metabolic syndrome?

First off, it’s not really a disease in itself. Instead, it’s a group of risk factors that play into a giant picture. This term has gotten some pretty good exposure lately, and has been making it’s way through the wellness scene. I often talk with clients about ‘what it is’ because the truth is; a lot of them have it! What’s even crazier is that many who DO suffer from metabolic syndrome, don’t even know what it is!

To put it simply, metabolic syndrome is a condition, which associates one with a group of highly dangerous risk factors. All contributing influences are paired-up to put that person at risk for disorders like heart disease and/or conditions like diabetes. Now, there are characteristics for this condition, and TONS of people are showing signs of them. You really don’t have to look far to see what I’m talking about here either. Next time you’re out in public, just take a look around; you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Common signs of metabolic syndrome

A gigantic waste line! This bulging effect is also the result of visceral fat, and it’s quite the sight! I know you’ve seen these big bellies before, because I’ve definitely come across my fair share! This characteristic is a sure sign that some metabolic issues are at play, and that health could be in jeopardy. Not only are these bulges unsightly, they have such deep-rooted health issues that accompany their presence. Not good…

Out of balance blood sugar: Why blood sugar? Well, it’s simple really; those who struggle with weight (on an obese level or not) often have diabetes and/or blood sugar issues. Insulin resistance is the main thing to look at here. These types of conditions are almost always caused by lifestyle/food choices too, but science has also connected genetic factors on some levels as well.  Even so, I strongly believe that food choices are the leading cause of our current and growing diabetes epidemic.

What really boggles my mind is seeing such obese people filling their bellies with jumbo sodas, and fast food when they’re also battling weight and blood sugar issues. At what point will these people realize that something is wrong here? Or maybe that’s not the case at all, maybe they know, but just don’t care anymore. Quite sad either way.

Fatigue: Yes that’s right! Fatigue comes in many forms, and those who struggle with obesity have it pretty bad. I myself had a bad case of fatigue at one point in my life, but I was never really overweight. My fatigue was associated with adrenal dysfunction on a level that many people deal with, but it wasn’t tied in with my weight.

Other areas to look at

Another thing to note here is that cholesterol and blood pressure (as in the image above) are also determining factors for defining if one is dealing with metabolic syndrome. But I tend not rely on depicting these areas of health as much for a very specific reason. Over the years, we (the public) have been battered with an “LDL/HDL Craziness” and it has been hard to break people’s views on all of that. Blood pressure can definitely be a problem, but I feel that people need to understand cholesterol more before demonizing it so heavily.

The thing is, I’ve assessed clients with “high” cholesterol numbers, but some of these people were actually in pretty good health. Sounds crazy right? High cholesterol, but healthy? This little factoid literally scrambles most people’s brains, and on top of that, it’s tough to explain. This is why I often stay away from trying to reform people’s views on this subject. It’s hard to break this cycle of thinking! Rarely do I bring it up when trying to prove a point.

But for those interested in learning a thing or two about cholesterol, read this!

For right now, all I want you to know about cholesterol is that it’s GOOD for the body, simple as that. On top of this, you have to start separating yourself from a lot of the mainstream advice out there involving cholesterol. Information regarding this issue is almost always skewed and/or bias in some way. You better believe that big payouts by drug companies often complicate this as well.

For a deeper understanding of the symptoms associated with metabolic syndrome, I suggest going here for further clarification. But let’s continue our discussion first…

What to do if you’re showing signs of metabolic syndrome

Well, if you have this condition, you MUST act accordingly because there’s a lot going on within that body of yours. And let me just say, so many of us are hit with this issue, people of all ages, and it’s not slowing down!

Another thing to realize here is that in a lot of cases, the one suffering from such a condition is doing something wrong, but as stated earlier, this isn’t always the case. No significant answer can shed a complete light on the causes here, but we have a pretty good idea of what’s going on. Although humans have been “overweight” for some time now, this new influx in obesity/metabolic dysfunction is hitting a level that is literally insane! We have become a very fat world, and it’s hitting all corners of the globe now. So what’s the first move?

That’s a great question! And you know what? There are a lot of things you can do, but by far, the most important one, is to fully assess your diet. Time after time, stories are told of people ridding their bodies of such conditions by simply changing their diet. Put it this way, many have created their problems; this means that they can also correct them as well. Now I’m not saying that this is entirely that person’s fault either, it goes much deeper. I honestly feel that those responsible for such conditions are in control of a system that we (the people) can’t really access all that easily. Big Pharma has their hand in the cookie jar, and they’re not taking it out anytime soon.

But there is good news here! You can fight the fight! All hope is not lost. And this all starts with fully assessing your diet, and by being aware of what you’re putting into your body. There are many tactics that can be employed here, and I’ve listed a few below.

Foods that can cause metabolic syndrome:

  • Enriched grainsmetabolic-syndrome-risk-factors


  • Sugar


  • Processed and/or preservative-laden selections


  • Soda


  • Fast food


Now I know you’ve heard a lot of this in the past, but it’s been said over and over again for a reason. It’s because the public is NOT waking up! We’re sick! And the situation is getting progressively worse. Let’s do something about it!!!

As mentioned earlier, a lot of the symptoms associated with metabolic syndrome deal directly with insulin resistance. In other words, one’s cells within his or her body lose their so-called “relationship” with insulin. And why is this so bad? Well, for starters, this hormone is needed for energy production. Insulin is the key that’s needed for blood sugar to enter cells so it can be used as fuel – we kind of need that in order to be alive!

So, as the glucose levels in the blood start increasing and getting higher, the pancreas then cranks out loads more insulin to deal with everything. It pretty much goes into overdrive at this point! It’s a horrible cycle, and is most definitely worthy of exposure in my opinion. The majority of the population has a blood sugar problem, and this MUST change!

All of this leads to various types of inflammation and health issues that wreak havoc on the body. That’s right! People are literally inflamed today! And this is due to many influential factors. In my honest opinion, I feel that the majority of it is tied in with food choices. Now this may be incorrect, but it’s just how I feel. All science aside, it’s just the one area that I feel people are refusing to look at fully. I mean think about it, what’s the one thing that hasn’t changed much? Mainstream food selections! There are too many unhealthy items out there, and people are simply unaware.

Diseases associated with metabolic syndrome

The two most common diseases/disorders associated with metabolic syndrome are diabetes and heart disease, but this is not all of it. You see, one who suffers from such a condition is also at risk for a bunch of other problems. I’m sorry, but it does get worse! Now when I say further complications, I’m talking about problems like cancer, neurological disorders, conditions involving pain etc. These are all BIG areas of concern!

Although it’s hard to point fingers at the true causes of this condition or conditions, it’s safe to say that dietary choices do play a HUGE role in some way, shape or form. This is fact! It’s really a giant picture that needs to be pieced together. Think of it as a puzzle that’s not entirely connected quite yet.

With all of the science mumbo-jumbo aside, we need to step back and really look at disease from a simple approach. Think about it, the word “dis-EASE” is basically saying that the body is not at ease with itself. Basically, it’s breaking to a point of malfunction. At this point, it then goes into a state of “dis-ease,” which is when symptoms start appearing. Have you noticed how almost everybody today has something going on? The main thing to realize here is that symptoms are NOT normal, they’re pointing to a problem: one that needs to be uncovered and dealt with accordingly.

Truly assessing disease needn’t be so confusing. The reason I say this is because many of the diseases we’re living with today are a direct result of man (humans), and the ways by which we’re currently living. This is simply my personal opinion, yet I feel it holds much truth. Looking back into our human past can shed light on this issue as well. We have not always been this sick, and science has proven that.

Only recently have we been hit with such debilitating conditions and/or ailments. We (humans) have lived generally healthy lives during our 2.5 million years upon this earth. Now I’m not a specialist in human evolution, but it seems as though prehistoric man had more health than we do today, and this says something. It’s saying that contemporary and/or industrialized societies (us) are doing a lot wrong. This is why we’re sick, and this is why most people are suffering from conditions like metabolic syndrome, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease. These diseases are not part of our human code! We’re not supposed to be this sick!

It’s time for this increasing and negative trend to change. As with everything I discuss, I’ll end with saying that awareness is your best tool in beating the odds. Just knowing what decisions are correct and which ones are wrong can make a world of a difference in your life. So please, it’s time to start being more aware.

Thanks for tuning in, I had fun. I hope you did as well :)

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