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My top 3 food additives to ALWAYS avoid

It seems as if food additives are growing in numbers by the day! I’m sure that you can agree with this. All you really have to do is walk down the aisle at your local grocer to really see what I’m talking about. The truth is that foods are not food anymore, and everything seems preserved, artificially sweetened, enhanced, etc. So today, I’m giving you my top 3 additives to stay away from. Seriously, let’s face the facts here, if you’re sick, or want to avoid battling any type of medical condition in the near or distant future, addressing this issue is a definite must!

Artificial Sweeteners

The artificial takeover is upon us! Well actually, it has been for some time now, and it’s really not slowing down either. Over the years, I have become very afraid of these fake sweeteners for very good reasons. The science community keeps on surfacing very credible evidence against their use and this is definitely scary.

Now, I must clarify here, when I say the term “artificial sweeteners,” because there are many to choose from. This being the case, we need to check out the many names that are typically bad for us. I guarantee that you’ve heard about many of these, because to be honest, they’re in a lot of products. Their names, as you’ve probably seen them, are as follows:

  • top-3-food-additives-to-avoidAspartame
  • Nutrasweet
  • Equal
  • Acesulfame-K
  • Splenda
  • Sucralose

So do you recognize any of these? You must, because they’re literally everywhere and in over 5,000 products worldwide. Think about that for a second: 5,000 products across the globe! Need I say that this is something worthy of concern? Chances are almost 100% that you’ve come across these at one point or another, mostly everybody has.

So let’s see why I strongly recommend avoiding them. Hit the clickable links below. There are articles and scientific publications linked to these. I recommend checking them out.

  • Aspartame is loaded with dangerous compounds

So, with the evidence continuing to mount up against these little disease creators (cancer in many of the cases), it definitely seems as though we should be aware of what foods have them in the first place. They are totally not worth the risk in my opinion. Even if science “proves” that they’re ok in moderation, I STILL wouldn’t chance it!

All of the evidence against them points to a dangerous end result, and this is worthy of avoidance in my honest opinion. So, that’s my take on these chemically engineered “flavors.” Do with this information as you will.

Ok, on to the next!

High fructose corn syrup

Sugar…it’s also everywhere! And although I’d rather have sugar in my body than the artificial stuff as discussed above, I still have my worries. One thing is certain here: the world is extremely addicted to sugar! This is fact! I used to be one of the many. Even from an early age, we all know how good this stuff taste. But you see, high fructose corn syrup is not just sugar. It’s more than just a sweet tasting additive; so it requires further investigation…

First off, in America, this little “flavor booster” is the number one source of calories for most people, and that’s pretty insane if you ask me. What I also find really disturbing about this additive, is that most of it is coming from soda! Come on now people! If there’s one thing you CAN do quite easily, it’s cutting out soda from your life completely. And if you have to ease into it a little, there are plenty of alternatives out there with stevia being the only sweetener.

Cutting out soft drinks from the diet is by far, one of the easiest things you can do to regain your health! And the benefits that come with doing so are definitely worth it. There’s a reason for all of this, it’s because high fructose corn syrup is horrible for the body on multiple levels. And we’ll get into all of that in a minute. For now, let’s see how it reacts with the body when consumed.

Why High fructose corn syrup is worse than your grandma’s sugar!

Well first off, high fructose corn syrup is composed of 55% fructose, and 45% glucose. So it’s a little different from that sugar that your grandma uses to make her famous oatmeal raisin cookies :)

A big reason why this stuff is so horrible revolves around how it is metabolized into fat way quicker than regular table sugar. Studies show that humans make fat from fructose relatively fast. This happens because of the craziness that takes place within the liver. You see, most fats are formed within this beautiful organ (the liver). When sugar (in any form) enters the liver, it has to think quickly! Does it burn it, store it, or turn it into fat? Well, unfortunately, the “fat” scenario is the usual path taken.

Clearly, this also depends on one’s own genetic potential as well, but we’re kind of doing a general outlook here. Some people can actually handle high fructose corn syrup relatively well, it’s just because their bodies are setup to do so. Once again, we’re all different.

But in the giant picture of things, it’s unhealthy for most people and will catch up to all of us eventually. Remember, many people are living on what I like to call the credit card system. Purchase after purchase builds interest! And nobody likes paying interest charges.

Anyway, on top of all of that listed above, there is further evidence that our modern and very toxic HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) is extremely refined, and can severely hinder the central nervous system and endocrine system – diabetes being a huge area of concern here as well. Check out the research I’ve listed below – these are all clickable links.

Another thing I want to address here is the fact that the corn companies understand exactly what they’re doing. The advertising ploys, as seen in contemporary media, are extremely misleading and not correct. You need to be careful when watching these because they have a tendency to really confuse those who view them.

As with everything corrupt, big payouts are usually a root cause in may cases. All I’m saying is that you must keep your guard up and watch out for the liars – there are far too many of them out there today.

Ok, so that you have a decent grasp of HFCS, let’s check out the next big no-no on my list. This next one is even crazier! If you’re unhealthy, sick, or battling some type of disorder, you definitely want to cut this from your life ASAP if it’s in your diet!

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

There’s a big chance that you may recognize this additive under a different name. For those who have been using it for some time now, its “AKA” is “Accent,” and it actually has been around for a long time.

So what is it?

On a scientific level, it’s about 80% glutamic acid and about 20% sodium. What I find troubling about this additive is that it’s really almost tasteless, yet it has the ability to dramatically enhance the flavors of certain foods and products. This is all due to what I like to call “The glutamate trick.” A little trickery that can make people think they’re eating something wonderfully flavorful and good, when that’s not the case at all.

MSG is used in a lot of protein-based foods (Asian typically), but has expanded to many other unrelated selections. All companies that use this additive do so for two sole purposes – to save money and to make bad, low-quality foods taste good. By utilizing this additive, food companies are able to use less real food in their products, and this is what saves them money. Pretty sad to say the least…

Possibly the worst part about this additive is how our government (and many others) have labeled it with the ridiculously stupid (GRAS) stamp of approval. This acronym stands for “Generally Recognized As Safe.” Please, give me a break! If something is labeled with this, I’m immediately suspicious! Generally recognized as safe is basically saying, “Well, it’s kind of ok, but not really.”

Now let’s discuss what MSG can do to your body.

Why MSG is so dangerous!

To put this simply, MSG is an excitotoxin. In other words, it has the ability to overexcite nerve cells so much, that it then kills them! Yea, I know, not cool at all. This can lead to brain damage and other very serious neurological diseases and disorders. Put it this way, if you suffer from anything like this, and you’re consuming a lot of MSG…STOP! There is a big chance that this could be contributing, or even making your condition worse.

The other troubling fact regarding MSG is how the body actually does use glutamate for neurological function on some level. This means that too much can cause severe malfunction. And MSG is supplying huge loads of it!

Think of it like how a little alcohol can get you tipsy, but a lot can kill you! Same concept, but on a whole different level. Do you see it?

And you know what, the ill effects don’t stop there! Research shows that it all goes much deeper. I want you to look at some of these studies below. They’re totally worth a read in my opinion. Check them out:

MSG research 1

MSG research 2

MSG research 3

Ok, so I know all of this information is quite scary, no surprise there. But isn’t this all stuff you would like to know about? I mean, if something causes cancer, and that product is something that you use quite frequently, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to know about it. I sure would!

Amongst my list of additives to avoid are bunches more, but this is material for future articles. I can’t possibly go over all of them today. So instead of going into extreme detail here, I’ll just list a few more below. Bare in mind, this is just a list; nothing in-depth will be discussed here.


  • Artificial food coloring
  • Potassium bromate
  • Sodium Nitrate (a major one to avoid!)


I have only touched the surface here, and will definitely continue to discuss these subjects well into the future. As you probably know by now, I like to discuss what isn’t normally talked about. People are, in a sense, sheltered and taken advantage of these days, especially when it comes to food, and this needs to change.

Ever since I began my personal quest to filter my life appropriately, I have experienced dramatic, and very positive changes. I couldn’t possibly keep this information to myself. The main problem is that there is so much contradictory evidence on both sides of the spectrum, and this is what I have gotten very good at filtering out. And that’s why I’m sharing it all with you today!

Put it this way, I’m not a scientist, but I’m in-tune with what’s going on in the science and health community as a whole. By staying connected to these resources and legitimate institutions, I’ll always be on the cutting edge of what is happening NOW in the world of health and wellness. I get the facts, and I dish them out for you all to read, simple as that. So I hope you’re enjoying the messages I’m giving.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this.

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