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7 Healthy Skin Benefits Of Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a unique type of wood from the genus Santalum. These trees are aromatic and are mainly found in India. However, fewer of them can be found in South Asia, Australia and Indonesia.

Sandalwood is best known of its aroma and its wonderful healing properties. It has been used for a long time during meditation and rituals.

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Combined with its several health benefits, Sandalwood is known to benefit the skin in many ways. This woody plant is often processed as a fragrant oil, aromatic extract and perfumed medicinal soap.

It has ample of uses and healthy benefits especially on the skin. It has obvious and consistent, lasting, smooth and woody scent. Sandalwood enhances the volatility of perfume to spread the fragrance faster and longer. It is widely used as aromatic oil in altering and nourishing the health of the skin.

Natural Disinfectant

This majestic wood is popularly recognized because of its disinfectant and antimicrobial characteristics which efficiently heals and restores the health of the skin.


Skin Moisturizer

Sandalwood is well known to combat skin dryness by moisturizing, it is a key ingredient in lotions and creams that aim at reducing skin dryness. It increases the activity of the skin cells which enables them to draw more moisture which in turn is used to moisturize the skin giving it that young, smooth and shiny look. Sandalwood moisturize skin without causing acne. It has natural emollient that acts as moisturizer.

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Anti-Aging Agent

Sandalwood acts as an anti-inflammatory agent that increases blood circulation in regions of your skin, this means that your skin is nourished with enough nutrient and metabolic waste products deposited near it are also removed. Further, it acts as an antioxidant and scavenges on the free radicals that cause wrinkles on your skin.

The overall effect is that your skin stays healthy and looks young. It acts as tightening agent on the skin, which is an effective technique to restore the flexibility of the skin. You can totally apply it not just on your face but all over the body including legs and hands. It eliminates seated oil and dirt on skin. It increases the elasticity of your skin. It guarantees you a skin that is supple and flawless.

Reduces Acne

Powder made of Sandalwood has been used for a long time to treat acne in teenagers and adults whose skin is fond of zit eruption. Traditionally it was crushed and added to turmeric and it proved to be very effective in reducing zit eruption. It is a good recommendation for those people who have regular pimple breakouts.

It has a gentle way of preventing skin against infection as well as healing common skin blemishes like sores and boils. It fights against bacteria that may harm the skin. Aids in fast healing of wounds and pimples. It helps flourish the skin condition

Helps Balance Skin Tone

Sandalwood paste proves to work very well in promoting an even skin tone. Continued use of Sandalwood paste also prevents tans from forming in your skin. The mild components of Sandalwood extensively work to inhibit keloid formation on skin. Sandalwood as Disinfectant This majestic wood is popularly recognized because of its disinfectant and antimicrobial characteristics which efficiently heals and restores the health of the skin. 

Itchiness Relief

Many people are faced with the problem of an itchy skin; this makes them keep scrubbing their skin every now and then. The aftereffect is that the skin gets damaged. Sandalwood paste or oil has a calming effect on the skin and reduces itchiness. If your skin is inflamed, it helps relax it and can also be applied after an insect bite to reduce the degree of itchiness. It lessens the redness and swelling of the skin faster than other treatments. It acts as gentle sealant that instantly closes the tear or cut on the skin.

Restores Sun-burnt Skin

Sandalwood helps restore sun burnt skin back to its original tone. Many people do suffer sunburns if their skin is exposed to sunlight for a long time when applied prior to sunbathing, sandalwood acts as a sunscreen and prevents possible sun burns. When applied after sunburns, it helps the skin to heal quickly. 

If you ever desire to have that healthy, bright, flawless and clean skin it is time you start regular application of Sandalwood oil or paste. It heals all the ugly scars and blemishes on your skin and rejuvenate your skin. Sandalwood as Astringent One of the best benefits that this perfume plant can offer is its tender touch on skin.

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