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5 Natural Ways to Stop Snoring Tonight

The next time you see anybody on the television crack a joke about snoring, remember that there are thousands of people out there in the real world, praying for a remedy to their chronic snoring, so that they can enjoy the bliss of a peaceful night’s sleep.

Yes, snoring is no joking matter; lost sleep, frequent mood swings, a sense of drowsiness for the entire day, loss of appetite, and appearance of dark circles around the eyes – these are just a few of the problems caused by snoring. Plus, snoring could well be an indication of severe underlying diseases, such as cardiovascular weakness, abnormal growth on the nasal passage, and sleep apnoea.

On a positive note, it has been well documented that some natural remedies exist for snoring, and are successful to varying degrees in freeing a sufferer from the ravages of snoring. Right from lifestyle changes to well thought out sleep habits, these natural solutions to snoring are literally just a few minutes away from your knowledge bank, and by using them, you could well be able to enjoy a better sleep session tonight.

So, now that you know that snoring is to be treated with sensitivity, not that you know that you have to do something about your snoring problem, let’s invest some time in understanding the natural anti-snoring aids and ideas to overcome or at least mitigate your snoring.

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5 Natural Ways to Quit Snoring Tonight

#1. Eat Healthier Foods

Some specific kinds of foods have been known to increase chances of snoring in a person. By adopting some suggested practices in terms of your eating, and avoiding the forbidden foods, you stand a real chance of decreasing your snoring.

Avoid oily and fatty products in your dinner, keep away from dairy products before sleeping, and take out curd and cream from your dinner. All these measures, along with well timed dinner that leaves you 3-4 hours of non-eating before sleeping should auger well for you. It might come as a surprise to you, but it’s medically proven that obesity can contribute to depreciation of sleep quality.

So, your obesity might not be the cause of your snoring, but it could well be a contributor to making the ravages of snoring more severe. Also, you stand to gain a lot from overcoming your obesity, which is especially true for men. With your anti-obesity measures taking off flab from your lower mouth and throat, you will observe less and less of the irritating vibrations and grunting that disturbs you all night long.

Here are 5 foods to help combat snoring.

#2. Embrace Healthier Lifestyle Options

It’s remarkable how a healthy lifestyle also helps you in overcoming snoring, apart from several other common lifestyle liked diseases that affect everyone around us! Bring in some pattern to your sleep. The fact that sedentary lifestyles take the body out of its natural tone has indirect impact on sleep. Exercising is the most vital element of the healthy lifestyle that weeds out troubles like snoring.

Your well toned facial and throat muscles will make sure that your throat remains in proper shape when you sleep and that your upper throat and soft palate don’t collapse into the tongue. Whereas your exercise regime will depend on your body structure, age and gender, it is considered a general rule that at least two and a half hours of intensity aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, is required for the upkeep of the human body.

So, find some reasons to go for a jog every now and then, and bring in treadmill or cross trainer equipment to your home if you can’t budget time. Also, bring in a regular sleep pattern, as that helps adjust the body clock to your natural cycles, and aids better sleeping.

Here’s a great podcast we did we Kusha Karvandi, and he reveals how to achieve superhuman health without the hassle.

#3. Identify The Unhealthy Aspects Of Your Day

It’s so important to understand the naturally viable choices that you can make for your body to keep the trouble of snoring and several other problems at bay. Drink lots of water all day long, as this prevents the thickening of the mucous and other fluid lining inside the nose and throat, this reducing chances of narrowing of the airway of the body.

Also, by avoiding smoking and drinking, you give your throat less exposure to irritants and particulate matter, which can otherwise cause swelling and can hence lead to the blockage of the airway, thus triggering snoring. Of course, drinking more water and staying away from alcohol and smoking will bring in numerous other health benefits.

#4. Do Facial Exercises To Strengthen Your Mouth, Jaw, Tongue & Throat Naturally

At the root of all snoring is the weakening of facial muscles which make the soft tissue collapse on to the tongue, thus triggering snoring. There are some entirely natural and proven effective anti snoring solutions in the form of mouth strengthening exercises.

Stick your tongue out, stretch it as far as possible, and then slowly touch both corners of your lips. Or, practice chewing, taking your jaw to the maximum extremes of your mouth. Repeat the exercise several times a day, and you can expect lesser and lesser snoring problems.

#5. Improve Your Natural Sleeping Environment

It happens to so many patients of snoring that the real cause of their trouble is their breathing from the mouth instead of the nose at night. This happens because of the blocking of sinuses at the time of sleeping. For such people, a simple activity of taking bath in warm water before going to bed is bound to yield good results, as the warmth opens the sinuses up and facilitates normal breathing.

Moreover, ensuring that there are no particulate matters suspended in the air, which commonly originate from dirty bed linen and unclean walls, as these can irritate the throat and cause it to swell. Try to keep your head a little elevated from the rest of your body to further decrease the chances of snoring.

In this video, we reveal 3 unknown tips to improve sleep.

Just about all of us occasionally snore, but if snoring happens frequently it can affect the quantity and quality of your sleep and that of your family/roommates. Snoring can lead to poor sleep, which results in daytime fatigue, irritability, and increased health problems. Follow the natural steps in this article to stop snoring tonight. What did you do to stop snoring? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • Doing the first three things (eating healthier, and just being healthier overall) will tend to lead to weight loss, which I believe is one of the best ways of fixing a person’s snoring problem. I’m fairly certain that the increase in the number of people reporting problems with snoring is likely directly correlated with our ever-increasing waistlines.

  • I hadn’t through about sleeping pills being the cause of snoring. I’ve been trying to help my husband find a remedy for his incessant snoring. We’ve tried just about everything but somehow overlooked the sleeping pills. If this doesn’t work, he’ll have to look into getting palate surgery. Thank you so much for providing this information!

  • I wonder if age has anything to do with snoring. As I get older I notice a lot of things about my body are changing, the skin seems to be less ‘elastic’, my hair is starting to thin out and I wonder if the tongue muscle is starting to lose a bit of condition. Whereas the tongue use to stay at the front of my mouth I think the tongue is now ‘relaxing’ and falling towards the back of my throat which partially blocks my airway, causing me to snore.

    Ahh isn’t it great to grow old!!!!

  • Great article and thanks for the tips. I snore only when I am tired and I drink chamomile with lavender tea to avoid snoring.