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The Ultimate Workout Mix-tape

Working out can be fun and enjoyable despite some of the grueling exercise we put ourselves through. Most gyms play a continuous loop of music throughout the day that usually consists of last years ‘club beats’ and droning instrumentals with little rhythm. We actually work out harder when we’re listening to the right type of music, though. So maybe more gyms should invest in a decent speaker system and a full-time DJ!

Working out in itself is a rhythm, keeping the pace whilst exercising is important. Not only to maximize muscle gain or weight loss, but also to prevent you from injuring yourself – a steady pace is advised.

We’ve decided to put together a fun little list, our Ultimate Workout Mix-tape, if you will. Not all of these are to be taken seriously, obviously. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them and maybe add them to your play-list, though.

So whether you’re listening to your own sound system at home or plugging in your headphones at the gym, let’s get down to what’s gonna make you workout harder. In no particular order:

1. Ride of the Valkyries – Richard Wagner

Let’s kick this mix-tape off with a bang shall we. Something strange, classical, epic and sure to get the blood pumping. Ride of the Valkyries has been used in countless movies and various forms of media and never ceases to lose it’s edge. It’s a bloodthirsty battle-cry in the form of a song and is perfect for mastering that treadmill.

2. Superstition – Stevie Wonder

Who doesn’t love Stevie Wonder? This song is just the right amount of funk, fun-loving and kick-ass. There’s no way to listen to this and not feel cool. Perhaps it’s a case of ironic juxtaposition, bench pressing your body weight whilst Stevie croons. Whatever it is, it feels damn good.

3. Get Ur Freak On – Missy Elliot

There’s just something about this song that suits the gym. Whether you’re doing your crunches or working on your leg lifts you’ll feel a lot better getting down and dirty with Missy Elliot. Just about any of her songs seems suitable whilst working out to be honest.

4. Love is a Battlefield – Pat Benatar

Perhaps I should have warned you earlier, there will be a lot of guilty pleasures in this list. I don’t care if you’re 19 or 90, this is a damn good song. Before anyone accuses us of simply having bad taste in music I’ll have you know that this song appears on more than just our workout mix-tape. I know you’re dirty little secret readers.

5. Insomnia – Faithless

We mentioned droning beats before and this is the epitome of droning. Difference is, this is the good kind! Absolutely jaw-dropping stuff can occur if you listen to this bad boy in the gym. It’ll get your heart thumping, your mind racing and that fat burning. For extra points stick it on repeat and see how many times you can listen to it in one treadmill session.

6. Around the World – Daft Punk

Daft Punk are the perfect type of band to listen to whilst working out. The infectious beat and robotic voices/beats will have you throwing weight around like a robot, like it ain’t no big thing. They have a tonne of songs that are worth sticking on whilst you’re down the gym or at home because not only is it great workout music, it helps the time fly by. You’ll have busted your way through a hundred sets before you know it!

7. The Ecstasy of Gold – Ennio Morricone

Strange choice, I know. Once you start listening to this as you slowly pump iron you’ll feel just as badass as Clint Eastwood. Extra points for those of you who decide to check out the Metallica cover – a version that seems to go well with just about any workout. Get sweating boys and girls, you’re in this for the long haul.

8. Feel Good Inc – Gorillaz

Once you’ve smacked this track on you’ll know for sure that you’re in for a ‘feel good’ time. Sickeningly addictive listening and thoroughly memorable. You’ll have blown through this one in a happy daze without realizing just how much you’ve lifted or how far you’ve ran.

9. Hot in Here – Nelly Ultimate-workout-mixtape

Another guilty pleasure, but be thankful, we could have included a whole lot more. There is no man or woman who can listen to this song without performing some kind of dance move, even the tiniest little one. This rhythm is sure to pass over to your workout routine and bless you with some bountiful biceps.

10. Eye of The Tiger – Survivor

Oh come on, you guys didn’t think we’d leave this out did you. I think this is mandatory really, can’t you get arrested if you -don’t- listen to this whilst working out? I’m sure I heard that somewhere.

This is a classic and it’ll never stop being one. Just the right mix of flare and fierce, this one will have you lifting killer weight and shadow boxing with your reflection all day and all night.

Actually, even just writing the name of that song has got me pumped up. So I’d love to stay and all, but I’m off the gym. No pain no gain, but who says you can’t have a little fun at the same time, huh?

Look out for our next mix-tape. Oh yeah, you know that we’re flipping this over to side 2 next time!

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